"Michael Clifford" I said in shock before Luke got to say his name, Michael looked up at me smiling

"No freaking way, Natalie Mitchell I have not seen you in a long time" Luke and Calum seemed confused but Tami didn't she just smirked remembering the fact that in grade 9 I had the biggest crush on Michael and only she knew.

"You guys know each other"? Luke asked still looking between us

"Yeah Michael went to our school before he moved" Tami spoke up, Michael looked at Tami and said

"Oh my gosh Tami Carey I remember you and you got your braces off"

"Yeah great to see you too Michael" she said. We all sat down and I was seated next to Michael and to be honest Michael got better looking I mean he was always cute but his like smoking hot. We all seemed to be getting along and Michael spoke up and said

"Hey Calum, there's some chick over there checking you out, go talk to her see if you can get her number" Calum looked at the girl and looked back at Michael, ready for this challenge. 

"You're on Clifford"  Calum got up walking over to the girl and he had a good chat with her for about 5 minutes and he soon came back smiling "I got her number and that was easy"

"Of course that's easy" Michael said rolling his eyes

"Alright Clifford, why don't you get someone's phone number pick any girl in the club" Michael would probably pick a beautiful chick and end up going home with her.

"Hey Natalie" I looked up from my drink and at him. "Can I have your number"? he asked smoothly.

"Uh sure" I said, I gave Michael my number and he smiled at Calum saying

"See that worked" Michael said

"Yeah but that was too easy" Calum said. 

"Well you said any girl so I picked Natalie, so I think I picked pretty good one" Michael looked at me winking at me which made me melt.

"Well I feel like dancing right now so come on Natalie let's leave the guys to dance" Tami got up from her side and I sat up being dragged down to the dance floor. We just started dancing and Tami said

"I can't believe how hot Michael got, holy shit I mean he was cute but he got better"

"I know, I think the inner 14 year old is coming out" I said sounding nervous

"Don't worry I think Michael is happy you're here, I mean you were friends in grade 9"

"Yeah but not that close just buddies in class that's it"

"Still he seemed happy to see you again; who knows maybe you will end up with him"

"Tami I said no guys"

"Come on think about it, you and Michael it was like your dream"

"Yeah when I was 14"

"Come on, you can't deny the fact that you would be happy if you woke up tomorrow morning with Michael in bed"

"This is why I hate you" I said

"You love me" she said smiling knowing that she was right as always.

 - - -

Later that night, Luke and Tami were having couple time on the dance floor dancing then making out the normal routine when we go out. I was having a chat with Calum but he disappeared someone probably found that chick from earlier, Calum was a sweet, chilled and always strange kid but I could see us being friends. I saw Michael walking over to the table with two drinks. He sat down next to me and said

"Alright, drink up" I looked at the drink in front of me and then at Michael

"Uh I don't think so" I said pushing it away from me

"Really, oh come on Natalie I thought you were the fun one or is that Tami now"? He said with a smirk. 

"Pretty much plus I've got work in the morning" I said 

"At what time exactly"? he asked putting his drink down being curious

"I don't start until 12 but still"

"Still nothing, come on Nat" Michael picked his drink back up and said "Drink up and have a little bit of fun" I rolled my eyes picking up the glass and I looked at Michael who was just staring at me

"Cheers"? He asked

"Cheers" I said taking a massive sip of the beer, that tasted horrible but it's been so long since I've had a drink with friends and thought tonight was going to be crazy. I put the drink down and said "God it taste awful"

"You get use to it if you have it a lot" Michael said taking a sip of his drink.

"Clearly" I said. Michael put his drink down and said

"So Natalie Mitchell, I'm sure a girl like you has a boyfriend so where is he"? Michael started looking around then looking back at me smiling.

"Uh I actually don't have a boyfriend" I said.

"What?! Why not? look at you?" I looked down at the ground and back up at Michael and said

"I've been busy a lot with university and plus guys don't really give me a chance"

"Well just to let you know I wouldn't hurt you if you gave me the chance" Michael put his arm around me and I looked up at him smiling


"Yep, any guy would be lucky to have you in their life Natalie"

"Thanks Michael"

"Hey, why don't we ditch this place and go back to my house more quieter and plus I've got better beer at home and lots of games" He said smirking.

"Do you have twister"? I asked flirting a bit sitting more closer to him. 

"Of course I do" He said holding my hand. 

"Then let's go" I said getting out of the booth with Michael and heading out of the club and into a taxi going to Michael's house.

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