Chapter 4: Bring it on

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"Yes if course, I'll run my fingers through my hair for you" Nash commented.

Except he stood there like a shirtless statue.

"C'mon Nash!" I exclaimed. I hate uncooperative people. It boils my blood.

"I need help," Nash replied.

He must really want my attention if I have to help him RUN HIS FINGERS THROUGH HIS HAIR. I mean seriously bro?

I grabbed his hand and put it right next to his scalp. "Here," I said obviously annoyed.

We were face to face. My eyes gazing into his reflective blue eyes, while he stared into my brown chestnut pupils. I became paralyzed. This picture perfect moment lasted for a minute. One perfect minute.

Well it was perfect, until Nash leaned in and that's where I plugged the plug. Its been 20 minutes and he thinks he can just kiss me? It'll take much more than playing dumb to woo me.

As I pulled away, I asked, "You ready to take that candid?"

Let's just say the next 10 minutes were brutally painfully awkward.

When Bryant and Hayes returned from the lake they were soaking wet.

"After I put away the camera, Hayes pushed me into the lake..." My older brother explained... "So I yanked him into the lake" he added

They both laughed and said in unison," IT WAS AWESOME!"

"Anyways we're faaa...faa. freezing cold since we didn't have extra clothes." Hayes stuttered


"Bye Lisa," Hayes said while hugging me. Woohoo! I'm all soggy now. "Text you later! I need technique lessons!" He shouted as I walked out the door.

I heard Nash whisper, "How did you score her number?!"

The front passenger seat was all soggy and disgusting. So I sat in the back. The car ride discussion was just about how my photography skills were improving.

But my thoughts were more towards Nash and how I'm going to win him over. Yes, I was actually intrigued by Nash, but it takes a lot for me to be "wooed".

Lisa, give yourself a pat on the back for giving Nash a worthy challenge.

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