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               Throughout those two years I grew up with you, loving you, loving every single detail about you, calling you my boyfriend even when you don't know me, saying that you love me 'cause I know you do even if you never saw me.

I buy your merch, I made a Twitter account dedicated to you, I read fan-fictions about you and imagine it all happening to me, I see your dating rumors and my heart shatters into pieces, I'm afraid I'm going mental because of you.

I mean now in the main time, I don't even have a crush in my school like all the other girls, I only sit there living in my daydreams about that day I meet you -if I ever do, will you love me, will you hate me, would all the fan-fictions break into reality because you'd fall for me as hard as I'm falling for you.

I just literally stand there watching all of the couples in the school walking with each other, and imagining myself standing beside you watching all of them, oh, how I wish you were here beside me now, how I wish you were just an idol for me, how I wish I fell in love with a fictional character so I wouldn't live with all my hopes.

You know, even when I try to find and random conversation to just make with my friends, it always lead me back to you, even in the car with my mother, I just sit there talking about how I'm willing to travel to England or Ireland that maybe I'd just randomly see you in the street or something, and she always laugh at my day dreams.

The problem is I don't know if these are my daydreams or that's what I really want to, or what I'm really willing to do, because right now, my reality is so mixed with my daydreams that I don't know how will I complete living if nothing crashed into my life and turned it upside down.

I just really hope everyday that I lived in the parallel universe where I'd be yours, and you'd be mine.

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