Luke Imagine *Dirty*

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This is a request from Gotta_luv_harry

 You were at the boys flat, but you were enjoying alone time with Luke because you two haven't seen each other for a while because of the tour and that, so you were thankful for this moment. You were sitting down on the sofa watching a random film but you weren't paying attention. Instead, you kept on looking at Luke from the corner of your eye, admiring his body. His defined jawline that has a bit of stubble on from not shaving, his blue eyes glowing. Your eyes travelled down to his neck and you saw his adam's apple bob up and down from him swallowing and then you eyed the spot on the side of his neck where you knew that it would make him weak within a second. You looked down further and saw broad chest shape through his t-shirt and a bit of abdominal muscles. Last but not least, your eyes travelled down to his jeans. He was wearing them ridiculously tight skinny jeans, which were exceptionally tight around his little friend. Actually scratch that. Big friend.

You decided you had waited long enough and leant closer and nuzzled your face into his neck, peppering kisses up and down it, making your way to the spot you knew made him cave in. You gave it a slight kiss and you already heard a light moan come from his throat. You bit down on it and sucked, listening to the sounds of Luke trembling beneath your touch. You broke apart from it and blew on it, making his shiver. 

"You are such a tease Sydney," he growled and next thing you know you are being flipped onto your back, staring up into his beautiful blue eyes.

He lent down and plated a rough but sweet kiss on your lips, instantly making you bring your hands to lock behind his neck and pull his closer to you. You didn't even get a chance to register what was happening because next thing you know, his tongue was forced into your mouth, wrestling with yours. 

One of his hands rested on you cheek, cupping it, and the other hand rested on your hip, his thumb massaging your skin. His hand that was on your cheek, started to slide downwards and stopped at your breast, starting to play with it through the material of your clothing. You couldn't help release a groan.

Your hands wandered to the belt that was around his jeans and you started to pull it undone, also pushing his jeans down as well. Luke stopped kissing you for a second to kick the jeans off and he was now just in a t-shirt and his boxers that proudly showed his member starting to harden. 

You took all your strength to flip him over, so you were now straddling him. You brought your lips back down to his and continued your make-out, growing more and more heated at the second.

Your hands were making their way down to the band of his boxers, tugging at it slightly and slipping your hand in, grasping at his length. Immediately, you heard a loud moan and string of cuss words flowing from his mouth. 

"HEYY!" you both snapped your heads to the door and realised the other three boys were standing there with a smirk. 

Realised you still had your hand wrapped around him, you took your hand out and heard a groan/whimper from Luke. 

Well, things just got awkward...

**Here you go! I am really sorry if it's short and not good, but I hope you like it :D **

**Plus while I was trying to write some of these imagines last night, I had to stop and find my headphones because my parents were getting it on in the other room and it was just really disturbing considering I was writing these… It was so awkward! Anyways, I am pretty sure none of you wanted to know that… but there you go.**

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