Chapter 15

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I'm walking around with just one shoe. I'm half a heart without you. I'm half a man at best, with half an arrow in my chest. I miss everything we do, I'm half a heart without you. Without you, without you, half a heart without you. Without you, without you, I'm half a heart without you.

Harry bites his lips as he listen to Zayn's beautiful voice, he gets lost on his boyfriend's beautiful face, taking in every detail and enjoying he way his pink lips move around every word he's singing, his honey like voice making him feel a bit dizzy and warm inside. And once Zayn and Louis finishes he claps and cheers along with the rest of the crowd.

"We are so glad that every single one of your beautiful faces could make it tonight!" Zayn said into his mic, feeling like way better now that he was doing what he loved. "I know it's the last thirty minutes of the show, and you'd like us the squeeze as many songs in as we can. But I would just like to introduce three awesome guys that are with us tonight."

Smiling shyly, Harry had to suppress the urge to blush when Zayn winked in their direction. He knew that him or Louis couldn't really see them that clearly, but the fans could. Waving to the crowed once Zayn called out their names. Niall, Harry, and Liam all laughed as Louis and Zayn went on and on about how terrible they are to have traveling with them.

Later during their last half of the concert, Zayn and Louis move on to twitter questions. That part went on well until a question asked Zayn, how he felt about Harry. "Well he's really cheeky and funny. He's also a real hopeless romantic. I remember that time we went to see The Fault In Our Stars, and he was just in tears. Even though it was really cute, it was still a bit funny. Hes also really cheeky and a terrible joke teller. He's also a big cuddler, and kind of resembles a cuddly octopus sometimes. Also h-"

Zayn just keeps talking about Harry, not even noticing and Louis starts to get angry. "Wow Zayn, are you quite finished because you know we are in the middle of a show." Louis snapped as he glared at the younger lad across from him.

Even though they were in a crowded arena, it seemed like the whole place had lost its energy. The cheering fans where now almost silent, aside from the mummers and yells for them to just calm down and sing. However, that request wasn't fulfilled as the two started arguing like they have been for the past three weeks. Soon, both boys were chest to chest and glaring at each other. But before the situation could go any further, Liam climbed on stage and pushed the two away from each other.

The rest of the concert went terrible and was filled with heavy tension. Zayn wasn't as pumped anymore, and was glad when they got backstage. Their crew was silent, and just stayed in their spots not knowing what to say at the moment. Then Zayn spotted Harry running in his direction, and sighed happily. When Harry hugged him tightly, Zayn held him trying to forget about what happened previously. They stayed like that for a few minutes until someone pulled them apart.

"What the fuck Zayn? I told you to stay away from him!" Louis yelled shoving Zayn further away from Harry. Harry was yelling for Louis to stop, but it was to no avail as Louis proceeds to push Zayn. "I warned you, and then you pull that stunt on stage, and now this?!" Louis shouted getting really upset.

Zayn had enough and shoved Louis back twice as hard. "Harry's fucking 18 Louis! He can make his own damn decisions. Plus we aren't even doing anything, we're just good friends. Stop being an over protected prick, and grow u.." Zayn couldn't finish his sentence because Louis was throwing a punch at his jaw. The whole crew gasped, and they ran to the scene. Paul Has Louis secured so he wouldn't attack again, and Liam has Zayn held back as well, preventing the Bradford boy from attacking right back.


Sitting in the kitchen with an ice pack pressed to his jaw, Zayn sighed and leaned his head against Harry's shoulder. Paul, had took it upon himself to separate the two for the night. So now Louis was sharing a room with Paul sense he was the one that started the whole thing. Giving that fact, it meant Zayn and Harry could be as couple like as they wanted right now.

"I can't believe he punched you.." Harry said after a few minutes of comfortable silence. The younger lad was actually really pissed off right now. Zayn was his boyfriend, and Louis has no right to even touch him. "I really hate him right now." Moving the ice pack away from Zayn's face, Harry frowned at the slightly red and puffy area on the cheek. Sighing softly Harry leaned in and pressed four soft kisses on the spot before lightly kissing Zayn's lips. "Well at least it's not like really bad or bruised." He said before standing up. "I'm gonna get you some medicine."

Zayn nodded, and watched Harry leave before putting the ice pack back on. It didn't really hurt, but he also didn't want to to swell up so he needed to keep it iced. Hearing soft music coming from Liam and Niall's room Zayn smiled the best that he could, and got up walking in the direction of the sound. Once getting to the door, he leaned against the door frame watching as the two younger boy slow danced together. Once Niall spotted Zayn spying on them, he laughed and blushed lightly before pulling away from Liam. "Dude it's not cool to crash someone's prom." this caused Liam to turn around as well and laugh when he sees Zayn.

"Prom?" Zayn asked and looked around at the tinted lights, and the opened window that gave a perfect view of the moon. "Why are you having a prom now?"

"Cause today is our prom back in the UK, Harry didn't tell you?" Liam said as he turned down the music slightly so they could talk to Zayn in a normal voice. "But he's probably just been stressed about this whole Louis thing, to even think about it." he adds in after a few seconds.

Zayn thought about it and eventually agreed with Liam's statement. "Yeah probably...I'll see you guys in the morning then." he said before closing the door and walking back to the kitchen to find Harry preparing a glass of water and a pill for him. "Babe I could have done it." he said now standing beside Harry. Harry just waved him off of course, and took the ice pack away throwing it in the fridge. "Enough ice for tonight, now drink." he said holding the aspirin and water out for Zayn. Doing as told, Zayn tilted his head back and swallowed the oval shaped pill. Dumping the rest of the water, Zayn sighed and let Harry lead him to his room. Once there they laid in bed Harry chuckled and pulled Zayn on top of his chest. "I love you." He said rubbing his fingers up and down Zayn's back. "I love that you're always colder than I am, It cools me down." He said nuzzling his nose against Zayn's neck.

Zayn leaves a kiss in the middle of Harry's chest and smiles up at him. "And I love you..I like that you are warm, it feels good when we cuddle.." He says closing his eyes and resting his face in Harry's chest his hand moving up and down Harry's arm caressing the skin with carefully fingertips until he feels goosebumps forming on Harry's skin, he smiles at the reaction "I'm happy that I'm finally cuddling you again."

Harry smiled and wrapped an arm around Zayn's waist, keeping him in place. "I've been wanting to cuddle with you since this morning." Harry said softy before his smile widened. "Plus you look really cute today, with your little scruff and neat but messy hair." Harry said kissing Zayns cheek. "Really attractive, especially in those combat boots." Harry chuckled as Zayn smiled and kissed Harry's cheek softly, as they continued to cuddle through the night.

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