Harry's p.o.v

"You do know Louis and the lads want to bring us home because we are drunk" I say breaking our kiss and going back into kissing her.

"They wont know where we are we will be fine. Its not like the can ground us" Soph says " Sure we don't even know where they are and they wont come upstairs to look in a bedroom"

Then she kisses me again. "I love you" I say in the kiss. Then I hear her let out a moan.

"Mm Harry" She moans.

Then I pick her up and put her against the wall. She wraps her legs around me and her head is stretched back. I leave a trail of kisses all up her neck and she constantly moans.

Then I get to her breast and put my thumbs on them. I make light circles with my fingers. Then I pull off her t shirt and she pulls mine off.


"Ill ignore it" I say to her. But then it goes off again and it means its important.

"what if its just Louis" she asks me.

"Ill check" I say and walk over to the phone. " Its Simon"

"Answer it then" She says coming over and siting on my lap.

H: Hi Simon what do you want.

S: Your going on tour in two days with just the lads no one else is allowed go.

Then everything starts to go blank and i feel sober.

H: That's great but Soph and Angel have to come. Soph needs help looking after the baby and more people are out for her we cant just leave her And its Christmas this month we all wanted to spend Christmas together.

S: Look Harry I know its Christmas this month okay but this tour is actually really short. Its only ten days and then your back again on tour at the end of January. So you will be here for Christmas and new years eve.

H: I don't know Simon. Louis is her brother and really wanted to spend time together to catch up on everything.

S: Harry I'm not changing my mind you can cancel the tour and lose your fame or you can go ahead with the tour and you will be back in no time. The lads from 5 SOS can look after her.

H: I will have to talk to the guys ill ring you back later.

Then I hang up.

"What did he want" Soph asks me but instead of answering I go into kiss her but she stops me.

"What did he want Harry" She says again.

"Nothing now kiss me" I beg her but she shakes her head.

"Tell me I deserve to know I heard you talking about me" She demands.

"Fine we are going on tour in two days and your not allowed come. We will be back the tenth of December and we will be going off again the end of January but we wont be back for a long time and your still not allowed come" I tell her "Now kiss me"

"What. But I have to come I want to spend time with you guys. Just as I thought everything was going to be fine something has to come and mess it up" She says putting on her top and storms out of the room.

I let out a sigh and fall back onto the bed.

Then I decide to text Louis and the lads. I tell them to go to our house.

"What the hell are you doing in my room" A man says and I quickly run out.

Ten minutes later I'm at the house.

"Simon called" I tell them.

"What did he say" Zayn asked.

"We are going on tour in to days" I tell them.

"Oh my god that's great" They all say.

"But Soph and angel aren't allowed come I tried to get Simon to let them come but he said no. We will be back the tenth of December. So we will be here for Christmas and stuff then were gone again the end of January possibly till March" I tell them and there smiles fade.

"No I'm not leaving her here Because I think I found the next Logan Henderson and his name is Ross Lynch. I looked in his cup last night he was drinking water so he wasn't drunk but he was acting it. He is the one who got Soph drunk then they made a deal to see who takes twenty something shot the fastest and if Soph loses she is his slave forever and shit" Louis tells us.

" Wait why didn't you tell us" I ask him.

"You were to drunk and then you ran off" Louis said.

"Look guys we need this tour but also need Soph safe. The other guys will look after Soph while were gone" Liam said.

"Yeah okay Harry where is Soph she was with you and she hasn't come home last night" Louis asked.

"She stormed out of the room when I told her.I thought maybe she would of come here" I tell them starting to get worried.

"Guys I know your worried but Soph is eighteen and she will be nineteen this month she is a big girl. She can take care of herself" Niall said.

"You know what Niall your right" Louis said and we all sat down and watched t.v.

Sophie's p.o.v

I head over to where Megan's buried and sit down beside it.

"Hey Megan. I just want your help. I don't know what to do. If you were here I wouldn't feel so lost" I say crying Looking at the picture of us together smiling.

"Harry.... he is going on tour a-a-and I cant go I have to take care of Angel by myself and...... There is more people after me and the worst part is I need my family their my family. Your my family yeah sure Johanna is my mam but I barely know here and my mam I've known all my life I don't know if I can forgive her just yet.

What do I do My family is leaving and I cant remember anything last night. Only that I met a new friend called Ross. But I don't know where he is or I don't have his number. I mean Luke will still be here but I need Harry. I need Louis, I need Liam and I need Zayn. I'm also not to sure if I'm ready to forgive Niall. Its also part of his fault why your here buried under the ground.

I know who my real family is. Maybe I don't want a mother maybe I just want you and the lads. Please watch over them when they are on tour don't mind me. I just don't wont to lose any more family."

I get up and smile. She is in a better place now. I tell myself. I'm okay.

Then I walk home.

When I get home all the boys come over and hug me.

"Where were you I missed you so much we were all worried" Louis said giving me the biggest hug.

" I just need to have some space. I went to Megan's grave. I'm sorry I stormed off Harry. Its just I need you guys your like the only family I have and I know Johanna is my mam but I don't really know her. And carol the one who adopted me I'm not sure I'm ready to talk to her about everything" I tell them.

"Hey its okay the other guys will look after you. We Will still have Christmas together and we will still go shopping tomorrow" Louis said still holding onto me tightly.

"Thanks Louis do you mind if I go to bed I have a wicked hangover" I say.

"Sure" They say.

"Can I sleep in your bed with you tonight Boo bear" I ask Louis.

"Sure Ill be up later goodnight" he says and kisses me on the forehead.

Then I walk up the only reason I want to sleep in Louis bed is because He smells so good and I love him. I just feel safe when I'm with his stuff. When they are gone this is the room I will be sleeping in.

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