dying day

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once more you left me, broken and destroyed.  left to be the victim, for carnage, for the void.  You opened up my heart, I gave you all I had.  he never cared and never will, he only makes you mad.  noone left beside me to mend a broken heart, the day I died inside you ripped my world apart.  how am I to feel, losing once again.  a soldier on the battlefield abandoned by his friends.  You say you are in love with him, as I am with you.  this image of him in your mind cannot ever come true.  everyone around you knows that this is wrong, and yet again I pay the price for hoping you'd stay strong.  I see now that I can't be loved, the monster inside grows.  I died today my heart is broke, the devil in me knows.  the pain I feel inside me, the price that I must pay.  my love for you has poisoned me, today my dying day.

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