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Mathew P.O.V

where did she go? I take my eyes of her for a second and I completely lost her, it's a good thing I love her but sadly she can't know that yet not until we atleast go out for awhile longer. she's the only girl I truly love I hope Tate and the others could atleast understand that .I most likely will be banished and force to live among the humans but thats okk as long as I have the only person in my life that I love with me. My only problem is that I haven't killed in awhile and that makes me weak compared to Tate and chris who kill every week.

"hey mathew I'm starting to worry what if Tate got her I have a gut feeling" said chis with a worried expression bringing me back from my thoughts.

"than lets split up we can atleast cover more of this mall ,call me when you find her I'll call you when I find her" I said walking away from chris heading in the oppsite direction, I hope I find her first I don't trust chris with Ilyana he can be a womanizer any girl falls for him no matter what the girls just don't know that he's exactly like me . A demon.

I made a turn and saw a girl bleeding from her face crying she looked terrible like someone didn't feel any regrets in hitting her to what seemed a thousand times. she was sitting with a group of girl they all look like they had pitty for the girl with the bloody face .I decide I take a closer look.

"that bitch is going to pay for this Ilyana is so dead" said the girl with the blood stain face. It couldn't be my Ilyana she harmless she was so fragile she couldn't even hurt a fly let alone a person.

"uhh excuse me did you mean Ilyana jones? " I asked the bloody faced girl hoping she would say no.

"yeah that bitch she did this to me , who are you anyways? " she asked raising an eyebrow looking at me with curiosity.

"I'm her boyfriend and she isn't that way she's harmless" I said trying to defend her I know my Ilyana .

"huh? someone finally fell for that bag of bones how hilarious,  and you don't know her at all she did this to me all because I said someone about her stupid family" she said with anger and discuss written all over face, anger was beginning to show in my face also.

"you shut the fuck up her family doesn't consern you, you must have deserve what she did to you" I said with venom walking away from her,  she seemed shocked like she finally received a wake up call.

Chris P.O.V

ever since she disappeared I felt like something bad was going to happen I hope I'm wrong. I went outside the mall maybe she was sitting on a bench or something.  I turn the corner and I finally see her but with the last person I wanted to see her with Tate. He was in his human form that's why Ilyana couldn't notice him.

"TATE LEAVE HER ALONE!!" I said in the voice I wished Ilyana had never heard, she turned around shocker at my face full of rage.

"your to late she's coming with me" he said looking pleased while grabbing her and sprouting his hideous bat wings leaving the ground.

"HELP ME CHRIS DON'T LET HIM TAKE ME! " She screamed reaching her hand out in an attempt to grab me.

"LET HER GO! " I yelled sprouting my wings , I saw how shocked her face, I don't think she knew I was like her boyfriend. I flew as fast as I could trying to catch up to them reaching my hand out.

"oh no you don't" said mathew before kicking me hard enough sending me down to the ground making a loud crashing noise.  pain went threw all over my body I couldn't move the pain was to much, I just hope mathew heard the noise and comes quick.

Mathew P.O.V

what was that? it sounded far but I was able to hear it , I hope it isn't serious , something that doesn't evolve chris, Ilyana or me. I decide to check it out,  it didn't take long for me to get there with my speed powers.

I see chris laying on the ground coughing up blood what happened to him , he looked bad his wings seemed crushed under his weight.

"what happened to you ?why are you so far away from the mall?" I said kneeling down.

"I-Ilyana he t-took her T-Tate am so-" he try speaking before more blood came pouring out. I began to feel my blood boil my eyes began to darken it has been awhile since I killed.

"your going to be fine I know your body heals quickly just rest I'm going after them" I said standing up and sprouting my wings .

"just be careful man bring her ba-" he said before more blood came out.

"I will I promise" I said before leaving the ground, it was a good thing I know where tate likes to hide even though he doesn't know that I know which is a great advantage.

Ilyana P.O.V

"H-he'll save me M-mathew will kill you I j-just know it" I said feeling tired while pain shot thew my body. I was in a cave to what seemed that it was sucluded from the rest of the world. Tate slammed me against the wall ,chains against my thoat making it hard to breath let alone talk.

"you really are nieve he isn't going to save you he doesn't even know where we are stupid human, can we kill her now pretty please tate?"  said a women I never seen before she was beautiful she had long brow curly hair along with bright green eyes and a hour class body.

"not now sweaty I kinda want to see how much pain a human can take" said tate rapping his arms around the women waste looking up at me.

"ugh fine do what you want" she said walking out of the cave stomping her feet like a child that didn't get what it wanted.

"ok now to have fun" said tate pulling out a sharp kitchen knive raising it up stabbing it into my thigh the same place I got stabbed before. I screamed in pain it felt terrible , It started to bleed instantly as he pulled the bloody knife out.

"y-your a monster your going to pa-" I tried saying but the pain wouldn't let me.

"Ha don't make me laugh I AM A MONSTER! !" he said in a deep desturbing tone.  He turned around walking outside I wonder for what. I have to get out of here , I tried pulling on the chains but they were to tight  . my wound kept bleeding I began to feel dizy losing consious . I see Tate walk back in with a bigger knife it seemed new, I could see the tip of it red like it had been heated up.

"now let's do alittle art shall we" he said walking over to me ripping open my shirt exposing my worn out blue bra.

"please don't do it that's hot please, just please let me go" I said tears sliding down my cheeks.  I feel a hot sensation against my stomach, I screamed in pain more tears falling down.

"oh come on it doesn't hurt that much" he said with a chuckle,  tracing the knife around my stomach I kept screaming closing my eyes while my tears still made there way out. after what seemed like forever he finally stopped but the burning sensation was still there.

"There am done" he said with an acomplished smile.He lifted his shirt up exposing his tatoo of a star inside a circle.

"now we can match we have the same beautiful mark the pentagram I believe it makes you look more appealing"  he said with a smirk,  I

look down at my red swollen stomach and there it was the hideous mark Tate branded me with.

I'm going to die. Am going to see my family.

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