New Friend.

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Kate's P.O.V

So it's been a two months and its been great! An I have meet a new person and her name is Chaille but I call her Chay. An she nice and we both are trying to get away from what use to hurt us. An we have a similar past but you'll find out on the way. So we're besties and sisters and we work together and our shift ends at the same time so we only use one car. Any we live together cause where she used to live they were trying to take advantage of people and their money. So she moved in with me and we share an apartment.  An we only know each other for a month an we are learning more about each other. I'm just glad to get away from people but that doesn't fix a broken person.  But I'm glad I found Chay My new friend. She gets me and I lucky to have her like a Bestie/sister.


So I hope you guys like this chapter. plz vote and comment. thx.

Bye my musicpeepslovers.

Stay Strong.


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