Chapter 1

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I woke up at 3 o'clock to my phone ringing. The number calling says no caller ID. I answer wearily saying "hello?" The reply was a female lots of them saying I was a slut, fat, ugly, and I was a back stabbing bitch. I yell into the phone " Are you that gutless you can't say it to my face, haha wow yous make me laugh. oh yea btw Kiah I think you forgot that our dad's a police officer." She hangs up quickly.Kiah is my step sister. I laugh I was in histerics this had been my life ever since I got her friend expelled. You see at the start of the year I had been accused of sending nudes and videos of me masturbating. Kiahs friend, Broc had accused me and started to bully me he got his girlfriend Emily to believe him who used to be my bestfriend. She started to physically bully me I just ignored it but it eventually got to me. I started to cut it helped but it didn't stop the bullys. My sports teacher Mrs Lincoln made us do an assignment. We had to write about our selves. I saw this as a chance to tell someone about the bullying I wrote it down hoping they'd just tell them to stop and everything would be fine but no that was the complete opposite.

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