Chapter 17

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King and I walked into the house and see both of our girlfriends crying on the couch. I swear this pregnancy shit be having them acting weird every once in a while tori would burst into laughter. I'm surprised she isn't depressed like other daddy little girls would be. she probably is trying to be strong.

hahaha !!!!!!

see the girl was just crying now she laughing.

"Tori baby let's go". king said to tori.

she got up and walked out the door.....did she really just not say bye to me.

"oh see yall later love yall". Tori came back and said then walked out again. king just stood there with big eyes and shook his head

"Man ight homie ill holla at you later."king said.

"ight make sure she ok dont say nothing that's going to make her mad."

"I know I know. "with that he walked out and I walked over to my baby.

"you good?".

"Yes ice you know I love you right? im so happy that you are my babies father and my boyfriend."

"I love you too,and im glad you are my baby mama." she started kissing me then started kissing on my neck. one thing lead to another and well you know what happened next.


Today my bae and I are going shopping for KESHAWN LOYALTY and the baby shower .Yes we are naming her after boss man. No lie I was crying real nigga tears when he died he was like a father figure to me. speaking of father I need to call my mama I want her to meet Tori.

"Hey best friend"tori said to blue.

"wassup baby girl" . Im the one who call her that.

"nun been chiling".

"oh how is my little niece doing? hope she not giving you a hard time." He said touching her belly.

"Her bad ass been giving me hell making me act crazy and shit. " I cant believe they are having a full conversation and blue ain't notice me standing here.  I tried to find a good looking girl outfit.

"Oh well I see you still looking fresh while you pregnant these girls just be throwing on anything. "she was looking real good this baby weight got her ass bigger than before and them titties I cant even explain.

"thanks gotta stay cute. "


"no problem you getting bigger each day fatty guh." no lie blue sounded sexy asf when he did that sound like august alsina fine ass.

"I know I cant wait until she come out. "

"I can see that in your face. Where is king?."

"All this time we was talking you ain't notice him standing behind me. ?".

he laughed. damn got me wet a little why he sound so sexy today. "I wasnt even paying attention. wassup king?".

"Nun been chillin".king said grabbing on to my waist.

"Oh thats cool. but imma hit yall up later bout to hit up the trap. "

"ok best friend wait did you get any info on The D.?". im trying to gather as much information as I can while im pregnant so I can just put a plan together like that and go into action as soon as possible.

"Yea seems as if some man name Darwin is the boss of them all he works at southside hospital."

"so thats what my dad was trying to tell me ooo I can't wait until my princess come out its going to be hell to pay. Just calm down tori your pregnant think about the baby  #teamNoStress. I got a perfect half plan. yup thats what imma do but I gotta get king to agree." oh shit here I am talking aloud again.

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