Chapter 2: Rettung - Rescue

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I woke up gasping for air, as if I have been underwater for too long. A pounding headache greeted me right after. I was disoriented, couldn’t tell how long I have been unconscious, losing all sense of time and my where about.

 With my eyes closed under the blindfold—thankfully not a sack over my head—I could almost pretend I am back at my own room at home. My mom could be downstairs preparing breakfast, she's making my all-time favorite four stacked French toast with peanut butter and it'll be swimming with butter pecan syrup. Trust me, it's delicious. However, as the coldness of the floor, where I am lying down on my side, became bothersome as it cooled my bare skin and seeped in through my pajama. I was forced to face my bleak predicament.

 My other senses are heightened to compensate with my lack of vision. I tried to strain my hearing so I can catch even the slightest sound, but it’s too quiet. Unbearably quiet. At first I thought I might have lost my hearing, but since I could hear my own loud heart beat and my breathing, I’m sure I am not deaf. But the intensity of this silence is unusual. It’s as if I am buried six-feet-under the ground.

 Oh. Em. Gee. This idea gave my heart a start, could I be buried? I took a few quick breaths tasting the air like how a connoisseur would taste a fine wine. I don’t feel my breath and the air becoming stale, so that’s a relief. It means I am not in a very confined place, and I don’t have to worry about running out of oxygen. But, where am I?

 Asking this simple question made me tremble deep down. My mind started riling me with all the unavoidable questions that I don’t want to ask myself, yet.

 Who did this?

Why did this happen to me?

Am I going to survive?

Will I ever see my family again?

My mom and my brother, are they alright?

Were they kidnapped as well?

Oh my god, I hope they are not hurt.

 “Crying will solve nothing,” I whispered to myself. But tears flowed freely from my covered eyes. I’m sure if they—whoever kidnapped me—would want ransom money, my family would not be able to afford it, even if we sold everything.

 “This is so unfair!” I screamed to the silence and emptiness that surrounded me. “Why me?” As expected, there are no responses to all of my bellowing. I don’t even sense anyone watching me.

 Seconds ticked by without me making any movement. However, lying down on my side with my hands tied behind my back, twisted my body in an awkward and painful position. My left shoulder is already numb as it is pinned between my weight and the cold hard concrete.

 I racked my brain, trying to come up with something to make my position a bit comfortable or at least a little less painful. Then I remembered all those Jackie Chan movies I have watched with my brother. Jackie Chan would always have a way out on every sticky situation. I remember him jumping from one speed boat to another, in a very high speed. Maybe I could try his tactic, where he would jump over his tied hand so he could bring it in front of him to gnaw on the rope. Then once I get my hands untied, I’ll make a run for it. I will deal with everything else as I go. Planning, even if it is half-hazard, brought me a ray of hope.

 But first I have to sit up, to be able to move my arms freely. I started to stretch my legs to get a momentum, but I was suddenly blinded with red-hot-pain that shot from my right leg up to my spine. Pain that is so extreme it made me scream.

 This could not be happening. I gasped.

 I tried moving my right leg again but just a fraction of motion and the same blinding pain crippled me.

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