Chapter 7: "A day with Him"

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Well here is another chapter guys! Thanks for reading. To all silent readers there THANK YOU! (= v =)


Normal POV:

Everybody was shocked to know that Lucy was alive..

Happiness and tears can be seen in the guild..

Questions and laughter filled the room..

Celebrating her return..

And especially the return of the cheerful Natsu..

Smiles and grins can be seen inside the guild that was once filled with silence and agony..

Losing one nakama can change there mood and lives..

However.. will this happiness last or disappear again?

Despite of her smiling face.

Sorrow and sadness filled her heart.

Because she knew someday it will change. .

Lucy's POV:

I felt at home and loved...

I never knew they missed me a lot..

"Lu-chan!! I missed you!!" Levy cried hugging me tight... while Gajeel behind her just smirked and said -

"Took you long bunny-girl"

I smiled at him.. and unexpectedly he pulled Levy-Chan off me...

"That's enough Shrimp " he said frowning

Wait dont tell me...

"Since when did the both of you ..





BECAME A COUPLE!?" i shouted or more likely fangirling.. Im a super duper fan of GaLe! (GajeelXLevy!)

"Lu-l-L-Lu-chan shhh!!" she scolded me...

"Hihihihi! Congrats! Its about time!!" i said.. happy to know that Gajeel confessed XD

Good for her..

"LUCE!" Natsu called out.


"Lets go fishing with happy!!" he suggested..

"Huh why?" i asked...

"Just because!" he reasoned..

"But.. It will be rude to leave if the party is for me.." i told Natsu.

I saw a hint of sadness but it disappeared.. Maybe i was just imagining it.. *shrug*

"Go with him already LUCY! He misses you a lot than us!!" they said.. pushing me and Natsu out..

"But!" i complained!

"He lllllllllllliiiikkkeeess you!!" Happy comented..

"Shut up you damn neko!" he ran away from while i was chasing him.. UGH!!!

"hahaha! Come on lets go! Happy!" he shouted dragging me and Happy following..

"Hai hai! *giggles*"

the same as ever..

No one's POV:

Natsu, Lucy and Happy set out to go fishing.. insisted by Natsu..

The trio didnt notice the tears in there nakama.. Missing these moments where the three of them together..

'We waited for 5 years to see Natsu happy again' they thought

Smiling.. the guild is now celebrating.. Laughter could be heard.

The townspeople happy to hear this..

for they miss their troublemaker and cheerful guid..

Natsu's POV:

This time i have to tell her..

I have to te her how i really feel..

I wont let this chance go..

'Thank you minna..'

Lucy' s POV:

Whats wrong with them?

And why will Natsu miss me a lot? Isnt he suppose to be searching for Lisanna..

What happened through the years i have gone?

Im confused in all of this...

"Natsu..." i called out..

"Yes Luce?" he replied..

We are now fishing.. insisted by Happy and Natsu.

"Its been half an hour.. and you still havent caught one yet.." i reminded him..

"Thats why we have to be patient Luce.. tsk2x" he clicked his tounge.. seeming smart.

"Aye thats right Natsu! We have to wait for the deeeeelllicioous FISH!!" Happy agreed..

"*sigh* Hai, hai.." i said.. giving up at there antics...

"Ahm.. Luce.. wanna take a job with me?" Natsu suddenly blurted out..

"H-huh? Sure.. of course..." i agreed...

He stared at me.. His gaze is so passionate... That i have no choice but to avoid it.. Whats wrong with him?

"Your beautiful.." he whispered.. if i was the old Lucy i might have not heared it... but this time i have newly found powers.. that allowed me to hear his whispering...

Blush crept through my face hearing him say that... Did he mean it?

"T-thanks?" i uttered...

"Y-yo-you.. heared it?" he asked while scratching his head...

"but how?" he added.

"What do you mean?" i asked pretending.. Shit.. i let it slip.. i shouldnt have said that! Baka!

"No-no-Nothing. " he turned his attention towards his work...

Awkward silence occured...


"Uwooooh!! I CAUGHT ONE!! HURRY!! Help meeee!!" Natsu shouted gleefully..

We helped him pull the pole. and succeeded.. but...

"Hahahahahahaha!!!" we bursted out laughing...

You wonder why? Because it was not a fish we caught but a shoe instead...

We spend the whole afternoon laughing and having fun....

I really miss them both...

After those tiny adventures of ours..

We set home.. however... they are both following me...

Dont tell me they are planning to have a sleep over...


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