That's my room, I mean was my room when I decided to moved, to have my own place, so that I can have my privacy, a secret haven. And it's near my office so it's an easy access, convenient.

Why I'm so worried about this, as if I am staying here for so long. God damn it, and now I'm totally worried about it. But then after their brief conversation at the library, he felt that she seems to relaxed and talked to her like a normal people did.

That's a progression, but then not enough. Still she showed uninteresting flat tone, looking at him in a brief period.

I think I need to rest now, to have a better judgement tomorrow, and talk to Darwin about avoiding kenneth. Wow, that's some kind of a possession, indeed. Caden just shrugged and went upstairs.



Kenneth took a bath and enjoyed the luxurious jacuzzi. Ah, so relaxing. My neck stiffed a little bit after acting like a robot at the dinner, so hard to moved freely when you're with someone you don't know, not exactly I don't know them, but the thing is you are not used to this kind of living, people in a different kind of level.

So thankful that they treated me as their own, even I'm just a nanny, smiling to herself. And kreios is like a younger brother to me, and such a demanding kid and clingy as well, and we are a hardheaded at the same time.

After taking a bath, she decided to stay in kreios room for a while, I'm a nocturnal creature, wide eyed until I fall asleep. And 12 am is just a starting course for me.


Slowly creeping inside the room and stopped, I never thought his room would be glowing at night, and I saw him beneath the blanket, he's right hand tucked under his fatty cheek, such a sight to see.

Went to his bed, careful not to wake him up in the middle of the night. Propped herself and touched his hair slowly, hypnotized by what she was doing, she didn't noticed & unaware to the person who entered the room.


After taking a cold shower that help him ease the body tension, that obviously he did enjoy. But failed, without doing anything.

He decided to stay in kreios room, just a little bit or maybe have sleepover there.

I think i will go to kreios room, and stay there for a while, or maybe have a sleepover there in his room, smiling inwardly.

Passing to kenneth's room and stood there for a second, listening if she's already sleeping and stopped, shit what am I doing, I'm like a pervert, and to think this room is a soundproof, tsk.

Going to kreios room, and noticed it is slightly ajar, alarmed took place, so I took my steps one at a time and careful not to stir whoever the person is inside. I slowly open the door and to see kenneth situated on the bed besides kreios, and the kid is silently sleeping.

I just leave them there, Caden thought but his body says different. So I slip inside slowly like a cat. And heat is starting to form inside his body, clearing his own dried throat.

"ahem" no words will come out either.

"oh, you're here?" slowly getting up from the bed, feeling conscious cuz the stare that Caden is throwing at her like undressing her.

I think no men even looked at her like that, they wouldn't dare, but now she's trembling.

and I don't know why.


How am I supposed to control my intense cravings for her, if we are living in a same roof. I breathe the air she breathes.

And I'm lusting for her, for god's sake.

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