Chapter 24 - Joke Ends In Reality

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K: The Heart in Blue Chapter 24

"You can say that again..." Mikoto joined the conversation.

Back at Fushimi and Serenity, Serenity just wakes up and was surprised that she found herself sleeping in Fushimi's arms. She quickly stands up and apologises as she bows repeatingly.

"I'm very sorry Fushimi-kun! I didn't mean to!!"

Fushimi just chuckles then he kisses Serenity's forehead. Serenity's face blushes as she was very silent. When suddenly...


Serenity just looks for the voice. She was surprised when she saw her mother and father walks towards her. Hinagiku's jaws drops as she saw her parents.

"Is that Hina-san's parents?" Mikoto asks.

"Yup. H-how did they know...?" Awashima asks shakely.

"Th-that they're here...?" Kuroh continued as he still watches them.

"But what they don't know is that we're spying them..." Shiro said as he still watches them.

"Wh-what are they doing here??" Hinagiku just asks herself softly then she gulps as she was still hiding in the back of the very large tree with thick bushes beside it. She don't want to get seen by her parents.

"Serenity, what are you doing?" Serenity's father asked.

"Well.. Umm..." Serenity said as she thinks of something when her mother cuts off.

"Are you dating with Fushimi-kun?"

Fushimi just stands up and puts his whole arm on Serenity's shoulder. Then he replies confidently.

"Yes. We're dating Mr. and Mrs. Luna.."

Munakata and the others were speechless when Fushimi said that. On the other hand, Hinagiku just collapses as her face blushes while her nose is bleeding.

"Oh my god... I-I can't believe it...!" Hinagiku said softly as she was hyper ventilating.

"M-ms. Hina-san, look!" Enomoto called Hinagiku.

Hinagiku stands up and watches Fushimi, Serenity and her parents as she wipes her nose with her handkerchief. She just saw that her father pats Fushimi's shoulders with a full smile on his face.

"Make sure you take care of my daughter Fushimi..." Hinagiku's father said proudly.

"And you're welcome to go to our house Fushimi." Hinagiku's mother added.

"As you wish Mr. and Mrs. Luna." Fushimi said as he bows.

"No need to be formal Fushimi-kun." Serenity said.

"Let's have an arranged marriage then..." Serenity's mother said with a smile.

"Say what?!!" Serenity freaked out as her face blushes.

"B-but---" Fushimi said when Serenity's father interrupts.

"Great idea..." her father replied.

And again, Munakata and the others can't believe it. All of their jaws fell down. Meanwhile at Hinagiku, she just punched Hidaka's arm. Hidaka bears the pain as he was listening to the conversation of Fushimi, Serenity and Serenity's parents.

"Ow..." Hidaka said softly.

"B-but..." Serenity said when her parents walked out.

"C'mon now. Let's go back to Scepter-4." Fushimi said as she grabs her hand and pulls her.

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