Jordan and i finally got to the front of the line,"You sure you wanna do this?" he asked seeming honestly concerned.

"Yeah i'm going to be fine." i saw forcing a smile. He took my hand and kissed me cheek.

After what seemed like forever the man controlling this huge, dangerous machine called out "Next!!" Jordan squeezed me hand to reassure me that it'll going to be alright. The man helped us onto the chair of the Ferris wheel. I sat across from him to balance it as much as possible. it started sooner than i thought.

"Hey, its okay" Jordan said to me, he must have noticed me breathing heavier. I grabbed his hands tightly and looked over the edge then wished i didn't. We were about 50 feet off the ground and almost at the top.

We stopped.

"What.." I murmured 'Jordan whats happening, whats wrong!?"

"Dani," he chuckled, "Its okay. People are getting on opposite of us-"

"Then why is it talking so long," I started "Lets go!" i yelled It began again and soon it was over. We got out slowly and carefully. "Well that was fun," i pushed out.

"Dani, you're face is pale do you want to sit down for a little bit?"

"Just for a minuet." I replied embarrassed.

We found a bench and sat down. "You up for more?"

I opened my mouth to answer but my phone interrupted up. Kian? Why would he be calling he knows I'm with Jordan. "I'm sorry, I have to take this, it'll only be a minuet." He nodded and I got up to get a little privacy. "Kian, whats up?" I asked worried.

"Just wondering how your dates going."

I rolled me eyes in annoyance, "Really?" I should have known it wasn't that important. I decided to answer or else he'd keep asking. "Its been great, were at the carnival, last minuet schedule change."

"What have you done so far?"

"Just a Ferris wheel."

"WHAT?!?" he yelled, "You never go on one with Me but you would with him?" he seemed offended.

"Oh stop it, I'll go with you sometime." it was quiet for a minuet, "I'll call you later I'm being rude." I hung up and hurried back to the bench. "Sorry, Kians just being nosy."

"Its alright." he looked down, "When do you need to be home?"

"What ever time you have to be home"

"Well I don't have a curfew."

"Same." an awkward silent moment came up again, it seems happening a lot tonight.. "I love this song." 'Under The Mistletoe' by NeverShoutNever was on.

"You like NeverShoutNever? This could, uh, be our song." He looked down and tugged on his suit sleeve.



"Tonight was fun, Jordan." I said truthfully, getting out of a cab.

"Well, I hope tonight wont be the last time we see each other." he smiled, "I'll call you."

I waved 'Goodbye' and closed the car door. I skipped to the front door like a little girl who had just made a new friend. I let myself in knowing my parents would be asleep. I started toward my room when I saw a shadowy figure. My heart stopped all together I grabbed the nearest thing that could be used as a weapon, well lets just hope a lamp will do me some good. I tip-toed towards where I saw it

Wait, Kian?

"Kian?" I cautiously called out.

"I've been looking for you. Where have you been, Young Lady?" He slurred out. Was he drunk?

"Are you drunk, Kian."

He looked shocked at me "No, Daniella, No I am not drunk I don't drink." He was muffled by him sloppily wiping his mouth clean of what was probably some kind of alcohol. I looked at his other hand that I had not seen.

"Is that beer?" I asked and pointed his his hand.

He put his hand behind his back and answered "No no no." he me up and down "Well you look nice tonight." he smirked.

"Alright you need to lay down." he started to stumble to my room. "Kian no," I tied to stay quiet. "You need to go home."

"No I'm drunk my mom will kill me."

"fine. You can sleep on the couch but you need to be gone by sunrise. And give me that." I snatched the bottle of beer out of his hands and poured it our the rest in the sink.

I started to walk off but his slurry voice interrupted me "Can I tell you a secret?"

"Hurry." I was far beyond annoyed now

"I had a few shots too.."

"I figured. Get some rest." He layed on the couch and almost instantly fell asleep.


I hope you guys that are reading this like it.. I feel like I'm disappointing y'all. School starts Monday ill try to update as soon as possible but.. On the brighter note I got tickets to see TRS with metro station and the downtown fiction. I wasn't able to get VIP tickets because they were sold out in 2 venues I would have been able to go to. Over all I'm just glad I get to see then and 2 other great bands c:

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