Beau's P.O.V.

What do I do? Will he die. No he can't die. I won't let him. What would mom do. What would Jai do. What would Kayla do. She couldn't bring up two children without Luke. She's 18. Sure she will be 19 by the time the twins arrive but how will she do it.

I got out my phone and dialled for an ambulance.

Who did this?

Why did they do this?

What has Luke ever done to them?

I sat by his side till the ambulance came.

"What happened to him?" The doctor asked.

"I don't know. I came to pick him up and take him home and he was like this."

"Ok sir. Would you like to follow us to the hospital or would you like to ride with us?"

"I will come with you."

"Ok. Hop in the ambulance and we will get to the hospital ASAP."

I got in the ambulance and we drove to the hospital. Hoping that my little brother will be better soon.

Kayla's P.O.V

My dad had gone out and left me tied to a chair.

I sat singing to myself waiting for him to come back.

It must have been hours because I had ran out of songs a felt like I could fall asleep any second. Well that was until I heard the door open and my dads laughter filled the room.

"I have something for you!" he shouted whilst walking into the room.

"Now what was that boyfriend of yours called?"

No, he can't have done anything to Luke.

"Luke. That's it. Well he's not very stable at the moment is he?"

What's he done.

"Look at this Kayla."

There was a video of Luke.

"Hi Kay. It's Luke here." Luke. Behind you. "I love you so much and thanks for believing in me" Luke there is someone behind you. "And the rest of the boys." MOVE NOW "Keep smiling and i..."


He came up to me and slapped me across the face.

"Don't EVER speak to me like that again or I will do worse that slap you." He screamed into my face.

"O....o....ok," I stuttered back. Trying to hold in my tears.

"Good. Now stay here until I'm back." he said before finally leaving me alone.

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