Chapter Four

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                - Cameron's P.O.V -

I watch as Hayes takes Hristina's hands and leads her upstairs . “ Awwww so we are brothers now more than everrr ! " Nash teases .

“ You know we've been brothers for life also Me and Esmie are going to the beach . we will be back later " I reply before we walk out hand in hand .

“ Cameron its been years , Years since we've been together and I just wanted you to know I still love you the same , maybe more " Esmeralda says before putting her arms Around my neck .

“ Esmeralda , you will be Mrs. Dallas one day and I know that you think I'm childish but you still love me . It is great to have someone to love you even if you are a total weirdo " I whisper before leaning in and kissing her .

Its been so long but everything Is perfect . “ Now let's go to the beach and chill " Esmeralda cheers before running ahead . “ Hey wait up I'm a slow runner because I fell for you " I reply with a cheesy catch line .

When we finally get to the beach I pill her in by the waist . “ Well Lover boy Get up and dust yourself off , don't sit on the ground " she Shouts to me .

“ You have to help me up angel because I'm a little weak at the knees " I mumble lifting her over my shoulders .

“ Cameron Alexander Dallas put me down nowww ! " she yells kicking and punching me . “ Esmeralda Dallas how about nooooo " I tease adding Dallas  . When I throw her in the water she pulls me in it during the process .

“ When you fell for me you must have grabbed onto me in the process " I reply picking her up and rocking her gently . Just You and I " she whispers . “ Promise me Cam That nothing can or will come between You and I " she breathes out Cuddling into my neck .

I Promise " I yell to the world . “ You and I we can make it if we try , You and I " Esmeralda sings before yawning . “ Let's head back we'll come back " I say putting a strand of hair behind her ear . She loves you .

By the time we get back to the Beach house Esmeralda has been asleep so I take her up to our room . I try to lay her down but she has a good grip .

“ Cameron can we cuddle please " she whines . “ Alright its kinda late already its 7 p.m " I reply before laying in the bed and Wrapping my arms around her .

- Hristina P.O.V -

Everyone was downstairs including Hayes and me , we've been watching movies every since Cameron left .

“ Shawn let's sing a song ! " I say hyperness taking over me . “ A duet ? " he asks . Of course I Said let's sing a song . which mean I'm singing along .

“ Dude does your guitar live on you !? " Taylor asks while everybody else laughed.  While Shawn pulls his guitar out of nowhere. “ Does your bandana Collection have its own room ! " Shawn yells .

“ Maybe " Taylor mumbles angrily before sitting back down on the couch . “ Which song ? " Shawn asks .

“ Rixton - Wait on me " I cheer . “ Not the full song though because I'm kinds tired " Shawn laughs at my enthusiasm . “ Alright " I mumble .

“ Wait on me I know how to love you and I wanna love you some more Wait on me come a little closer wanna be the one to explore " Shawn Sings perfectly . I can't really sing but oh well .

A little trouble never hurt nobody Ohhh I wanna feel your body Wait on me ! " I added to the song which was kinda good .

“ I know how to love you and I wanna love you some moooree " Shawn and I Sang together .

“ That was really good Hristina " Hayes says while cuddling with me again . “ Thanks babe " I Reply before kissing him .

“ Everybody there is some News I want to tell you guys " Taylor Says . Weird Taylor never has news . “ We only get to spend another week here . There is going to be events going on and we will have to go to Cameron's place . Not everybody will go though " Taylor Says . All these people , my family are going to my house .

“ So you all are flying back with Us ? " I ask Taylor . “ Yes Hristina " Taylor smiles before taking off his Bandana and putting it on his girlfriend .

“ Ewwwww PDA ! " I yell while they kiss then all of a sudden Hayes smashes his lips onto mines again . of course I kiss back . “ Good teamwork Tay-Tay " Hayes shouts .

“ You dork planning kisses now let's go get some sleep everybody its already 12 a.m " I Shout before running away from Hayes up to my room .

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