Chapter 23

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My alarm clock went as I was getting up and heard a knock on my door, I got scared. I'm the only one home my parents are working so who could be knocking on my door at exactly 6:30am

I went to go find protection and all I found was a candle stander so I quickly got that and prepared myself to open the door I counted to three quietly

1..2..and..3.. I opened the door about to hit the person but saw a familiar face it was my mom what was she doing here.. I thought.

"Mom!" I hugged her so tight "baby, I haven't seen and talked to you for such a long time" she was beginning to tear up "aw mom, don't tear up please you're going to make me cry!" She made a weak smile and said "alright baby" I pulled away and asked her a question

"So, what are you doing here mama? Shouldn't you be at work?" I looked up at her "oh, no they gave me a day off finally" I was happy to hear this news "that's amazing you better have a fun day planned out for the two of us since we don't see each other often" I said with a sad face.

"Oh I do baby, now go get ready for school I'm taking you today!" She yelled as she walked away "alright mama" and with that I started getting ready I took a shower did my hair, my usual makeup, and my outfit that was a green Hollister sweater and some white short shorts from Hollister as well with my white vans and I was finally done and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Yummy pancakes and bacon was the scent from all the way to the outside of my room "mom did you do this? Wow" she did a cheesy smile and I laughed "oh yes I did" I missed her like crazy we ate and had a really long fun and funny conversation once we finished she drove me to school we said our goodbyes and I left to find my friends

I found Lexi and Georgia up in the front of the school and I walked up to them "hey where's Alyssa?" They looked at me and smiled "hey" they both said "and she's absent today she felt sick" Lexi told me "oh, I didn't talk to her after the party.." Georgia looked up to me with huge eyes

"Actually about that where were you did you go? You didn't come up to us or anything we were worried"

"Oh yeah, right..long story" I played fully laughed and they laughed with me "looking forward that long story" Lexi said smirking at me "of course" I said and the first period bell rang and we left to our classes

I went to my locker for the things I would be needing and headed to my first period once I walked in I forgot Sam was in this class he was in a seat already well this is going to be so awkward because of what happened yesterday at the party I thought to my self as I walked inside and Sam starred at me and quickly looked away

I took my seat and took out my stuff when the teacher spoke up "Alright class, we will work on a worksheet it's a easy day and you can pick partners or work by yourself" he than started passing out the papers

I looked over at Sam and he looked at me and we made eye contact I looked away when Sam got his worksheet and waited for mine to come

People were talking to others and it seemed like It was just Sam and I who were quiet "Hey? Can we talk.." I looked at Sam and he turned to look at me with a blank stare "there's nothing to talk about?"

"The kiss" he looked at me annoyed "what about it?" I have him a death stare "what did it mean" he laughed "it didn't mean anything, some people kiss just for fun" he was still laughing and it annoyed me I just wanted to slap him

"Oh yeah right, I totally forgot you're cold don't have feelings for girls you only want to fuck them" I rolled my eyes and felt like crying

"I guess you can say that only I'm not cold hearted baby" he smiled showing his dimple and it made me weak there was still about 25 minutes left for this class and I just wanted to get out

The bell finally decided to ring my other class's went pretty fast and it was now lunch time (finally)

I was in my table with Georgia eating a green apple and talking to Georgia when I felt two huge boy hands behind me covering my eyes "guess who" he said close to my ear sounding sexual which caused me to get goosebumps

"Jack?" The boy laughed "jack who" I could bet he was smirking right now "Gilinsky of course" he uncovered my eyes and say next to me

"You guess right baby" I smiled "I'm always right" I smirked at him and took a bit of my apple he just kept starring at me "what?" I said while chewing on my apple "you're are so beautiful" he said licking his lips "thanks Gilinsky you look good yourself" I winked at him

"I want to ask you something" he seemed nervous which caused me to get nervous with him "what is it?"

"Come with me" he handed me his hand and I looked over at Georgia asking for approval she nodded and smiled I took his hand and followed him

We were outside the cafeteria in a lonely grass area "what was it you wanted to ask me?" He still looked nervous and was still holding my hand "do you want to be my girlfriend?"

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