Chapter 2

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In the safe emergency hatch there are only 159 of all the students and all of the teachers were chatting and chatting. Then a huge BANG! sound. "Jarvis? Was that the bomb we set?" Mrs Helshe asked timidly. "No! Oh no! I'll be sued!! Sued by the parents!! Oh. Wait. They don't have parents!! They are useless unwanted orphans! I will survive! My---" he trailed off. "Wait, has Jem returned!?" Kelsey exclaimed in a worried tone.

"Who's J-Jem?" Asked a mysterious voice. A boy about her age was standing there. "Oh, h-hi. Sorry I sh-should have introduced my-myself. I'm Ja-Jakob."

Jakob said. "Do yo-" Kelsey started. "Yes. Yes I ha-have a st-stutter." Replied Jakob, a little embarrassed. "No. That's not what I wanted to ask. I wanted to know if you knew where my best friend Jem is. I mean Jemima. She was still inside with the 7 and under girls when....." That's when she burst into tears.

"It's al-alright-- uhhh- I'm so-sorry b-but what's your na-name?" Jakob hesitated. "Kelsey!" She yelled through sad angry sobs. Why oh why couldn't she have been there instead? "It's al-alright Kels. Do you m-mind if I call you th-that?" "Not at all" she replied, now getting fonder of Jakob,and through her sobs.

"Wait. Am I alive? Or is this heaven. No, no, no. This can't be heaven. Could it?" Jemima wondered. She was surrounded by broken bits of roof and walls-she guessed- and startled children-startled like her- wait. What's happening. Jemima suddenly felt very dizzy. Then blacked out.

"208 of our pr- students have sadly passed away, and will be re-" Mr Jarvis Bankers announced, being cut off "MAKE THAT 182!" Jemima yelled from behind him,with 25 others, making him jump. "H-Hamish?" Jakob whispered excitedly. "Wait what? You're alive!?"

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