Soapy Stalking

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Do u enjoy stalking!?

Then this is what u need 2 do

1: Call (1)800-Stalker-Central

2: Ask for Phill Shiffley

3: State who, where, and when you would like to stalk said person

4: Discuss a time and place to meet

5: Enjoy stalking with your new stalker buddy Phill Shiffley

Fine Print:

Stalker Central is not responsible for and restraining orders, law suits, or arrests. Phill is a professional and will flee the scene, unfortunately you will not be taken along. It is against company policy.

Remember that is Phill with a 'P'.

- Stalked Central Management


So that was something, tell me what u think.

And what kind of stalked would I b if I didn't ask at least 1 weird question?

What is the name of ur pet unicorn?

My unicorn is a 1 of a kind British Invisible Rainbow Unicorn, he can talk. NOW BOW DOWN BEFORE UR UNICORN KING R.U.D.!!!!!

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