Alligator Tears

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"Alligator Tears"

Your alligator tears

don't fool me

I've seen past

the masquerade

The delicate act

so well performed

You led me by the hand

Along your twisted ways

blinded to your flaws

Rose tinted glasses

firmly placed upon my face

I was swept away

Lost in the play

My heart shattered

blown away

with all your lies

A sea filled

by your callousness

Desire drowned

taken by

the under currents

Deranged illusions

extreme delusions

plague my insides

Please exterminate

these awful things!

What's left behind

an empty shell

sucked dry

Abandoned and forgotten

all the broken promises

do leave a trail

Time to pick up

the pieces

Thoughts long ignored

whisper in my core

drive me along

a path not explored

The distance needed

to heal

By: Ryan McKay


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