You Gotta Bae. Or Nah?

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After 10 painful minutes of trying to direct and stay on the seat at the same time, I finally arrive at my house.

"Thanks. Btw has anyone told you you drive like a freaking maniac?!" I say while trying not to look so traumatised. Drew grins, turning to me.

"Aw don't hate on my driving. People say I am an amazing driver"

"Psh they were probably trying to make you happy" I reply. As I get out the car and walk towards my door, I hear Drew 's voice 

"Hey see that house over there?" He points to a house at the very far end of the street. I look at him weirdly and I'm about to reply until he mouths "my house"


We're practically neighbours.


I'm pretty sure I hear Drew laugh while driving off to his house. Neighbours? Really? As if I don't get enough grief from him at school, I now have to basically see him every single day. My inner mind torment continues as I walk into my house. However I'm greeted by a shriek.

"OMG KAY WAS THAT WHO I THOUGHT IT WAS!!" Urgh trust Taylor to be watching me from the window.

"How would I know who you're thinking about. I can't read your mind can I?"

"Don't get smart with me Kayla. Were you or were you not with that new guy David or something?"

Why does no one know his name?

"His name is Drew and yes that was him"

Taylor stares at me for a good few seconds until she shrieks again


I don't think she even took a breath.

"Calm down. He only took me home after detention girl"

I should have not have said that.

"HE TOOK YOU HOME? IN HIS CAR? ALONE?" Taylor says. Well shouts.  How I put up with her I don't know

"Yes he took me home.  In his car.  Alone. "

"Omg Kayla you both are basically are married! Why didn't you tell us you talk to him"

See what I mean? Really? My friend thinks me and Drew are married. She watches too many romcoms. Although I do too. Nobody tell her that though. Need to keep my cool status. Keep that reputation that I haven't even got. 

"Don't overreact Tay. He offered to give me a ride and me being a nice person didn't refuse" I say.

"Who offered you a ride".  Great. This is the best time for my brother Reuben to walk into the conversation. His dark brown eyes look at me expectantly.

"Your sister has gotten herself a boyfriend" Damn Kayla! Why?

"I don't have a boy-"

"His name is Drew and he took her home from detention" So now she gets the name right?

"Reuben don't listen to her. I don't have a boyfriend okay?"

It takes a few seconds for Reuben to process this info.

"I'M TELLING MUM YOU GOT DETENTION TODAY.  SHE'S GONNA KILL YOU HAHAHA". He leaves the hallway and runs upstairs. Great. 

"Thanks a lot T. I won't be allowed out the house now" I sigh and walk to the living room. Sitting down I turn on the TV, switching through the channels of crappy TV. 

"Aw Kay.  Who cares? You got to talk to a really hot guy. So how hot is he. From a scale of 1-10?"

"I dunno? 7"

"That's basically a 10. Omg why didn't you tell me you knew him? I could have given you tips on flirting".  I laugh at that point.  I put the remote down and turn to Taylor.  As a girl with blonde hair blue eyes, most guys definition of perfect, her last relationship lasted 2 days. 

"Taylor I wouldn't take flirting tips from you.  I'd even go to Sam first before I would consider you"

We both laugh at my comment. 

"I know. I'm bad aren't I? But I've been practicing. See?" She bats her eyelashes at me.  Or tries to. 

"Yeah. So good".  I laugh and pick up the remote again. Taylor turns and pouts. 

"T I'm joking" She ignores me. 

"Aw come on you know I'm kidding." She continues to ignore me. 

"Fine then I won't tell you about what me and Drew talked about in his car" That got her.

"Omg tell me! Please? Did he try to flirt with you?

The door bell goes at that point. Literally saved by the bell. I get up to answer the door but I see my brother already there. How does he run so fast?

"Hi is Kayla's house?". Damn that voice sounds so fine and so familiar. 

"Who's asking?" And that's my cue

"Reuben why are you being rude to-". 




Why is he here?  

"Hey girl who loves my voice" Drew winks at me. Ugh he needs to stop doing that. 

"Who are you?" Reuben asks. 

"I'm Drew and I go to your sister's school" He replies. 

"Oh so you're Kayla's boyfriend who took her home from detention?" Argh that boy won't be sleeping tonight.

"REUBEN!" I begin to shout but I see from the corner of my eye that Drew's looking at me strangely, although that stupid smirk is still stuck on his face. 

"Reuben just take you're afro head upstairs" I say exasperatedly

"Sorry about that" I say to Drew.

"So you're telling people we're dating now"

Kill me now. 

"Kayla what's taking you so long? Who's at the d-"

No no no.  Please no.  Kill me again

Taylor stands opposite Drew, completely speechless for a change. They both stare at each other. Well T stares. Drew's probably confused about the whole situation

" mum asked me to come and introduce myself to our neighbour's. Don't know why but you know mums" Drew says, breaking the silence, thank goodness. I ignore Taylor as I know she's looking at me.  Probably pissed I missed the detail about being neighbours

"Yeah haha."

It becomes awkward again. Ugh story of my life. 

"I better get going then.  Got a few more doors to get through" Drew waves and walks to the path outside the house.

Gosh can this day get any worse?

"Hey Drew? You gotta bae. Or nah?"

Yes. Yes it can

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