chapter 3

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man Maya she hella cute I been thinking see was cute for the longest.but I got me a girl ain't going hurt nobody if dey don't knw but each other.but I'm omw walking to p.e whn I get a txt from my baby diamond

"goodmorning baby wyd"she said

I ain't and diamond been going out for 2 months now.I really like her tho but Maya Mann she bad,but diamond my world ima txt my brother Mark and see wat I should do


damn dat nigga is cute I wonder if he single.lunch time came and I seen javeon he came up to me and said "Aye u Tryna come wit me and my niggas to the store..?"

"fashoe I ain't tripping"

so we walking to the store I'm the only girl me and Javeon talking getting to know each other

"Aye you hella coo tho...and I like talking to you.." I said

"you too.."

we walk in Walgreens all his niggas hot dey stealing hella shit I wasnt fuckin with we left out the store bell finna ring we ran back to campus

"Aye ima kik you in class"he sed


5th period come I walk in my class I had this white lady Ms.Wilson.she was hella perky nd energetic I ain't really like her.but me and javeon was texting thru da whole period. when da bell rung I had math next I walked in and seen javeon nd sat next to him

"damn nigga yo ass following me ever where..haha..." he said

"boy stop don't do to much haha..."

as I sat down out teacher Ms.sineso was talking.she was hella koo she let us talk and shit, she was a white young lady she had blonde hair,but her voice irritating af."alright class, since it's the first day of school everyone just get to know each other and that's all we doing today

"so javeon you single....? just asking"

"uhhh no I got a girlfriend ..r u single?"

damn he ain't fuckin single dat sucks."Yea I am...but do yo girlfriend go here?

"nah she go to slz..."

"Oh....dats koo"

the bell had rang he had walked me to my last class and we had parted ways.......

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