How we were made.

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"Once upon a time,long ,long ago,there was a land so filled with crime,that even the skies themselves had darkened over it.The sun never shone and the flowers were always blue.It was a time of despair,when evil rose over good.Those who did not agree with the Villains were either cast away into the unforgiving wilderness or sent to god.None were spared.Therefore,the Villains were obeyed.Fear kept everyone in line,even the brave men who had fought in previous wars.

But with fear comes hatred,and hatred breeds revenge .All of those who had been outcasted unfairly began to fight back.Many were slain,for they did not know how to fight.Thus,the Countries came.They were the rightful owners of the land the Villains had taken,so to speak.They wanted it to end.

So they trained the outcasted civilians until they were as good as an army.And the outcasted civilians went to fight for their beloved countries .It was a long war,many were killed,countries began to be too busy to encourage their brave fighters,for they had their own battles.

Faith was beginning to be lost.

But still ,they fought on.They had promised their countries,and they would keep that promise even if it killed them all.

Eventually,those who had once feared the Villains began getting brave and started rebellions in multiple places.The Villains were being attacked from the inside and they outside.Many day that had it not been for the change of heart in the still-trapped villagers,we would have lost.

In the end ,the Villains were forced to surrender or die.

It was such a joyous occasion,the sun came out for the first time in years.

But the once outcasted villagers didn't know what to do with themselves.They no longer belonged with the normal villagers,but neither did they have enough noble blood to be true knights.For the first time in a while,they were lost.

Luckily,it was the countries who came to aid them this time around.Having seen how well it benefited them to have a "secret army" of sorts,they decided to keep that secret army and create a place that trained more to help literally protect the earth.

And that is how we were made."


This was a story my Ma,may she rest in peace,told me as a little girl when I asked about how We were made.Personally,I think this is over-edited or somethin',because I can't really think of a part of history that was like this >_> .

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