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Its been 2 months since we have been together me and Ricky have been have arguments here an there but nothing horrible. Other than thats I couldnt be happier, Dereck is out of the picture completely.

But im scared.... You see I think I might be pregnant and Ricky does want kids now and I know itll ruin his basketball career.... I hope im not but either wah if I am im keeping it.

Telling him on the other hand is what im sacred of.... Its 6:30 knowing he might be here any second from practice makes my heart race...

10 min pass by and I hear the door close downstairs,he walks in my room with Chinese food the smell floods the room and I try hard not to seem sick.

"Hey baby I brought food."

"Awe thanks babe but im not hungry. "

"Ill eat yours then because im starving. "

I smile giving him a kiss,

"You eat and ill go take a shower.... can you light a candle so the smell doesnt stick in here?"

"Yeah baby go ahead."

I go to the restroom sliding down the door sitting on the floor, tears come out just falling down my face. Yeah theres no doubt im pregnant. I'm going to ruin his life!!! Getting in the shower I stop crying so my eyes wont get puffy, after a good 30 min I get out and get dressed hoping the room doesnt smell.

As I open the door im happy to smell nothing but roses.

"Hey are you okau baby? You look a little pale."

"Yeah im fine just feeling a little sick."

He doesn't say anything he pulls me in his arms kissing my forehead.

"Do you want me to get you some medicine? "

"No ill be fine."

"Do you want to sleep?"

I nod my head and we lay together me in his arms I feel safe.......




In the morning we head to school of course in separate cars because of his practice... I feel fine today maybe im not pregnant and just missed 2 months.... We go to the cafeteria for breakfast and get in line.

As we get our trays I see we are having my favorite french toast! I get happy as I get mine.

"I bet your all haply babe."

I smile at Ricky I look down smelling the syrup and suddenly feel nauseous but its to the point I cant hold it in... I run to the nearest trash can and puke my brains out. I feel Rickys hand rubbing my back softly.

"Baby are you okay?!"

His voice worried I pull away from the trash can as I look up I see Dereck looking at us and he fake coughs,


The whole cafeteria hears him and looks at us. My heart beat quick and my legs start to shake as Rickys face turns to something ive never seen. He pulls me in his arms my ear to his chest I can hear is heart beating rapidly, a tear falls down my face along with sobs.

"Baby why are you crying? "

He says with sadness in his voice.

"Ive ruined your life."

"Baby you didnt ruin my life."

I dont believe him sobs just keep coming out and I cant help it all these emotions flooding me. My legs give out on me and he catches me, he lifs me up carrying me. People are whispering very loudly some laugh we went from the most loved couple to the saddest couple in 2.5 seconds.

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