Gwen's POV~

I couldn't help but play that perfect moment under starry sky as I sat alone in that suicide piece of wood with Zack. 

His face kept flashing through my mind every now or then, as I tried my very best to give my fullest attention in Senthil's class. 

"-and dear Miss Stovall would be only to glad to tell us what she is currently thinking about, wouldn't you miss Stovall?"

His husky Indian accented voice was like a dagger running through my wonderful thoughts.


"Share your thoughts Miss Stovall. We all would like to know what you were thinking of just now. You looked so dazed and lost in your dreamworld that I thought we all ought to know what it is that has made you so jumpy lately."

"EconOscillator,"I said almost abruptly.

"EconOscillator?!" Senthil gave me a stop-day-dreaming-in-class look.

"That's right. EconOscillator. Just thinking about the datasheet you'd put up on EconOscillator."

"Intresting. Just so you know Miss Stovall, we aren't talking about any oscillators. Our current topic that is considered as a moment of discussion is harmonic distortion.EconOscillation is something which I assume is a very simple topic and need not be thought of with any great intrests. And I don't remember putting up any datasheets on any EconOscillator. As I was saying-"he gives me one final cold look and continues talking about Goodness-Knows-What.

"How was your dad's party?"Mel asked. She implied my night with Zack. I had told Mel about going out with Zack and how Ned had turned up at the wrong time and how bad he must've  felt when I said a no, but I didn't quiet tell her everything about my night out with Zack. She was as eager to know as I was to tell her; Ned being a problem between us, I couldn' find the opportunity to tell Mel everything.

"It was alright,"I said.

"Mel and I had great fun, didn't we Mel?" Ned said, his tone icy. "You should've come."

"That's nice, but I told you I couldn't. Dad'd be offended, cuz he's been telling me for weeks to go along with him and anyway, you had only reserved two seats at the restaurant."

Ned didn't say a word.

"So it went just alright?" Mel asked quietly, when Ned wasn't there.The two of us were sitting in an empty classroom. "What did you do?"

"You won't believe what I'm gonna say Mel."

Should I tell her the ending first-NO. I'll go with the boredom first.

"He took me for the movie first-"

"-that's-"Mel started, but I cut across her saying. "-just listen alright. The movie turned out to be really cheesy. It's not like I don't enjoy cheesy, but that's all how dates usually go, don't they? I mean the guy takes the girl to the cinema and yada..yada...yada...then we dined in this super extravagant restaurant that makes all the dishes from the East to the West. After dinner when it was close to twelve, he took me on a boat. By the way, he knows how to row a boat....we were somewhere far from the land....he gripped me tight because I hate the displays from the buldings....fresh cool night breeze....and under starry sky he kissed me."

"Whoa...whoa...whoa....whoa. Whoa. Slow down a bit there. You let Zack kiss you?" She looked shocked.

"Maybe not a kiss more like a soft peck which lasted for barely five seconds. But all in all, it was simply romantic and perfect."

"Right Gwen."

"Come on Mel, it was all happening under the dark starry sky that shone beautifully." Now, I was starting to get all agitated. Why was my best friend being

"That all sounds very nice." her voice was strained, like she definitely didn't mean any of it.

"What's wrong?" I asked



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