It was The Final Goodbye!!!

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Well hello guys! This is my very first attempt of Writing a fanfiction, secondly, I am not a very Big Dhoomie (Dhoombro’s fan) but still I tried my best to do justice to the characters…. Hope you people like it and please do leave your say about my story as I really need your comments to improve my writing skills ;)  the picture at your right is my depiction of the character Maryam, hope you will have your own once you will know her :)


23th Nov 2014.

Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore…..

“ It is the world’s most uncomfortable seat of the world’s cheapest airline :/…..Aaaarrrghhhh! Allah Mian please make these 18 hours fly like You did when I was eating my favorite ice cream….. Like no time at all!”

Ufff I don't know how Rohan is going to react??? I just hope he feels happy to see me there, I know, I know I should have talked to him before planning all this but…… he is the one who is all the time busy in his work its not that I didn’t try to tell him but he and his work….

Okay, let's not over think Maryam things are going to be fine soon just 18 hours… hey, no… 17 hours and 40 minutes in precise ;) in life is going to be all right inn shaa Allah!!!

With this last happy thought, she closed her diary and capped her pen back, and started looking out of the plane window, trying to be normal trying to be steady and calm when in reality deep down in her heart, she was feeling damn nervous because she was going to meet Rohan for the first time, though there was nothing wrong in it but still her nervousness was not letting her keep calm. Her heartbeat was unsteady, since she boarded the plane and random thoughts were making her feel sick. It's not that Maryam was a cry baby she was really strong and courageous but still the fact made her feel giddy that she was going to meet her husband in a just few couple of hours……..

  Maryam… Maryam Afzaal 20 years old Pakistani girl with average looks, face of a child and a heart to die for. She was cute in a different way that can't be expressed in words there was something in her that made her beautiful. The most prominent feature she had were those dark pitch black eyes, deep like an ocean and dark like the sky at night. She becomes Maryam Rohan from Maryam Afzaal two years back when life has been already a mess for her emotionally and socially as well when suddenly out of nowhere her aunt (father’s sister) came with a proposal for her. Rohan was a good looking guy living in US for quite a long time settled there.

But bhabi m just 18 why so early? I am still completing my bachelors I want to study more.

Ch! Nobody is sending you to susral tomorrow it’s a good proposal Maryam and in all the preparations for a wedding, it takes too long, you can complete your studies meanwhile. Such good proposals don’t come every next day okay! So you better say yes dear….

 Maryam was constantly looking out of the window thinking how fast time flies away, it feels only yesterday when she topped her college in bachelors and got a scholarship for Masters how happy she was after so long she was actually happy. She still remembers how reluctant she was about this proposal she didn’t even see Rohan’s picture which was left in her study drawer by her aunt…. But then all of a sudden she said yes! She accepted the proposal and reason, even today brought tears to her eyes;

It’s a good proposal Ali! Why don’t you people just say yes to that? Maryam was about to enter the lounge when she heard bhabi was speaking to her brother

I know Sara, but we can't just say yes without her approval n u know she is too young for marriage…. She is just 18 C’mon! Ali replied

Yeah, I know, I know, but let me clear one thing Ali its been really long that we are living in this house and having these every day conflicts, I mean me and bari bhabi… I just can't handle it anymore. Why bhabi is dragging this into my wedding issue? Maryam thought

So? What do I have to do with it and what it has to do with Maryam’s wedding? Ali was confused as well

Oh! You have to do everything Ali, I can't stand it any more I want a separate house. Its not only me bari bhabi wants the same n u know what, this proposal is the key to solve our issues lets Maryam get married with this boy and settle over ther in Us thn we will simply sale this house and will buy our own…see I know you brothers also need peace of mind and this cant be possible till Maryam is here like with whome she will live after separation????? So its good for all of us that she gets married asap. Bhabi was saying as if Maryam was the only hurdle in the way of their happiness… Maryam felt sick after hearing all this she wanted to cry at the top of her lungs, but she was a strong girl…. Time has made her rough and tough! She contained herself went straight in the lounge ignoring all the sudden expressions of her Bhai and bhabi she said with a palm face;

“Ali Bhai I need to say something, I… I am… I don’t have any issue with this proposal u people can say yes to them.”and without a single other word she went to her room and cried a lot……

 I never knew that I was such a big issue for people around me, I was the hurdle in the way of their peace, I know I am a bad luck  wherever I go I just carry it with me. Oh Allah mian! I only wish that foggy evening you took me as well with Amman Baba L….

She was 10 when they were coming back from Maryam’s school function and they had a Swere accident, it was hell foggy that day and her father couldn’t control the steering and got bumped into a truck on the wrong way of the road. Maryam’s mum passed away on the spot while her father went into a coma, she herself got badly wounded, for the next couple of months she couldn’t utter a single word people started believing that she had lost her speaking power didn’t even cry, not even a single tear came out…. And then after 5 months being in comma her father left her as well that was the day when Maryam cried… she cried like hell, like there was nothing and no one left in her life.


In all these thoughts, she fell into sleep.Calling that a sound sleep would definitely be wrong, but still she slept on that uncomfortable as hell seat….

Maryam woke up when somebody softly shook her shoulder…..Yeah! wha…what?...where r we?.....

Madam! Could you please straighten up your seat back and fasten up your belts, we have started our descend! The air hostess spoke in a typical American accent with all of her softness submerged in one single sentence. Maryam straightens up reluctantly, she couldn’t believe she slept for like 15 hours :/

In just a few minutes the wheels were on the runway and Maryam held her long embroidered satchel on her shoulder and once the engines died away, she came out of the plane, finally she was there in NewYork…..

24th Nov, 2014

F. Kennedy Airport NewYork

Oh! I wish I had a local SIM (I so wanted to talk to Ali Bhai and Asad Bhai… I hope they had informed Rohan my arrival timings and all the details of my coming here. After going through the immigration formalities she went to collect her luggage which was a bag and one big wheeler.

 You don’t worry, we will inform Rohan about everything and he will come to collect you offcorse, just stay in the arrival area don’t roam here and there. Don’t get lost… okay! And relax Maryam, he will be there even before your arrival time inn shaa Allah…..

Maryam thought about the last goodbyes of Asad and Ali and felt a bit, relax, she went into the arrival lounge and sat there waiting for her husband……

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