“Hey.. would you like to go down and have something?” Zayn asks as he walks to where I’m standing. It’s been one hour since Emily went in. We’re waiting in the hallway. The boys wanted to leave saying that “our work here is done” but I managed to make them stay saying “leaving like this would have a bad effect on their public image”, they bought that. I couldn’t tell them I didn’t wanted to go to that party because they wouldn’t listen, not that I don’t like parties but it’s just that I don’t like going uninvited and apart from Zayn and Harry I didn’t know anyone there. Beside’s I’m not even dressed for a party.

“Sure..what about him?” I say as I look at Harry who’s fallen asleep on a chair.

“Hmm” Zayn nods and walks towards him. He wakes him up and we all walk to the elevator.

We walk inside the hospital’s cafeteria. The cafe is pretty silent despite the number of people in here. I see a man with a little girl seated at one table. The man looks sleep deprived and tired with his blood shot eyes and dishevelled hair while the little girl with him is having a sandwich. On another table a group of guys are seated. A man is occupying another seat in the corner and he seems to have fallen asleep. I walk to the counter with Harry and Zayn and order a coffee. We walk to a table with our hot drinks and take a seat.

“So.. Eliza are you single?” asks Harry as I take the first sip of my coffee.

“Very much” I nod and smile.

“Would you like to go out with me?” he asks and grins. I notice Zayn staring at Harry with a tinge of anger. I ignore him, some mystery he is.

“Umm.... Let me think.. Oh no! I can’t I’m not older than you!” I mock him.

“Heyy...!! I didn’t choose that ok! They just happened to be...umm.... older” exclaims Harry.

“Whatever you say Styles!” I retort.

“What happened to your last boyfriend?” Harry continues investigating.

“Didn’t have one” I reply nonchalantly.

“You never had a boyfriend?!!” Harry asks appalled.

“Nope” I shake my head.

“Why not ?! Are you..?” he widens his eyes as he hints me.

“No.. I’m not!! I’m very much straight! I didn’t find the right guy that’s why I’m still single!” I exclaim bewildered.

“Oh.. I see” Harry says and chuckles.

“So what sort of guy do you want?” Zayn joins the conversation.

“Somebody who’s honest, trustworthy and I can be myself with him and he should be kinda cute!” I say as I wink at them.

“What if he’s a singer?” asks Zayn.

“I don’t think singers are my types” I smirk at them.

“What about you Zayn? What sort of a girl would you want?” asks Harry.

“He’s already got Perrie” I answer before Zayn can.

“Excuse me, were you guys with the Hudsons?” I hear someone say from behind me. I turn around to find a brunette guy standing there.

“Yeah?” I say as I stand up. He raises his eyebrows as he looks at my sweatshirt and then back at me. I look down and notice the “I’M THE DUDE” and sigh.

“Well, uh...the nurse told me to tell you’ll that the delivery is done. I guess they’re waiting for you up there. Its room number 301” he says tiredly as he runs his fingers through his hair.

“Uh.. Ok thanks!” I thank him.

He walks back to the group of guys I saw before, must be their buddy. Zayn, Harry and I walk back to the elevators.

We get out of the elevator and rush towards the room. I push the door open and see Emily lying on the bed holding a tiny baby wrapped in pink cloth, Matt is seated by her side. As soon as he sees us he rushes towards us and hugs all three of us at the same time.

“It’s a boy guys!! We’re gonna name him Zarry Hudson” he shouts. Zayn and Harry look at each other shell shocked while I cover my mouth with my hand trying to contain my laughter.

“Congratulations Matt! Emily!” I say as he lets us go.

“Congrats man” says Zayn awkwardly as he pats Matt’s back .

“Congrats bro!” Harry nods.

We walk to Emily and see the cute little boy in her arms.

“He’s adorable” exclaims Harry “Can I hold him?”

“Sure” says Emily as he hands him the baby.

“Alright group photo!” shouts Matt as he clicks our photos. The boys and I too take group pics in our phones as well.


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