A few months later....

Shannen's p.o.v.

I decided To ask Nikita one night to come on Skype and meet ethan, She had agreed to this because obviously she had nothing better to do.  The minute I added Nikita she started the convo.. a weird convo. But when she heard ethans voice she said " Omg, u sound like pewdiepie". Ethan sat there and said "thx people say that a lot."

Nikita loved meeting new people , she had long brown hair, she's tall , has eyes that change colour and is beautiful.. people say she could be a model.(boys ask her out all the time)

Nikita had told me that she loved ethan and he was cool. She said i had a good choice. Later that day I told her about Liam.She quickly accepted and said add me to the call. I added her after they both said yes.

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