We finally caught up with the others after our kiss.

"So what're we doing here?" I ask looking up at the pretty hotel. I always loved hotels. I guess it's because it's a change from your house... and it's nice.. well most of the time but in this case I KNOW for a fact this one is going to be nice. It's like a hotel Harry and the boys go to on your.

"We are meeting up with someone remember?" Louis says dragging Natalie in the glass doors past the doormen like they owned the place.

I jump on Harry's back and challenge Louis Natalie Daniela and Zayn and Liam and Niall to a race.

Niall jumped on Liam's back and us girls jumped on the boys we were paired with. We started at the end of the hall. "Ready. Set. Go!" I yell and Harry starts running.

Niall and Liam ended up winning which I say they cheated! I believe it they did!

"Ok here we are" Niall laughs getting off Liam.

Louis just walked right into the room not bothering to knock causing the rest of us to laugh. "You're so polite Lou" I say sarcastically he rolls his eyes chuckling as he jumps on the couch. I swear he thinks he owns the place.

"Well this isn't just their place!" their? who's their? so we aren't meeting up with one person? We are meeting up with a group? why?

"Oh hey Lou! Niall!!" I hear and I automatically know who it is.

Calum Fucking Hood!

Ashton Flipping Irwin

Luke Freaking Hemmings &

Michael Fucking Clifford.

"What? How? Why?" I ask speaking for us girls who were gaping at the four boys.

"Well they are going on your with us as our opening act" Zayn says

"Stay away from Luke" Harry whispers in my ear making me laugh

"Why?" I whine

"You know exactly why" Harry says pecking my nose.

"Boys this is my girlfriend Emily. Emily this is.." Harry introduces

"Five Seconds of Summer! I know" I say checking out all four boys and don't give me this 'but Harry Styles is your boyfriend' crap because let's be honest you all would check them out if you have a fucking sexy boyfriend or not.

"This is Natalie my girlfriend" Lou says

"And I'm Daniela and I'm completely single" dani says making me laugh

"Wow you would dani" I say to her making her laugh

"Well don't tell me you wouldn't want to date one of them" I shrug and lean Into Harry

"I already have Harry he's annoying enough" I tease. "But what about Justin?" I ask the last part softly

"He's already got a new slut" she whispers and I nod "I'll tell you later"she turns to the boys "but yeah hi"

Everyone laughs "hi" the boys say "ok umm we have to get to talking about the songs we are gonna sing" Luke says me Natalie and dani stood off to the side

"#BandProbs" dani says making us laugh earning weird looks from some of the boys while others smirked I'm assuming them thinking we were talking about how hot they were.

The three of us sat (pretty much huddled up) on a couch and talked about our boyfriends who out of the 5sos boys we'd...... kiss? Ok no who we'd DO.

"Ok so now that's that done let's get to know each other" Ashton giggles. Oh lord that giggle is sooooo hawt. Us girls nodded in unison pretty much drooling.

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