Chapter 4

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ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY I shout at the top of my voice waking everybody up, my dad comes in and says happy birthday and all of that but of coarse suzie and galo act like its a normal day!

At breakfast I have Cheerios as per usual we all sit round the table and. Then my dad asks if he can have a word with Suzie and galo so they go out of the room but I can hear the convosation they are all shouting:

Dad: both of you know it's her birthday? Say happy birthday then!

Suzie: I want nothing to do with her... She hates me

Galo: why she's not even related to me uggggh

Dad: suzie, you made her call you mum and now you want nothing to do with her if you want nothing to do with her then maybe I want nothing to do with you!

suzie: no no I didn't mean that

Dad: why did you say it then

Dad: galo go back inside I need to say a few more things to your mum

Suzie: what is it

Dad: we are done now get out of my house!

Suzie: what? But you love me

Dad: not anymore! now go and you can collect your stuff later

Suzie collected galo and left, I knew that dad wasn't completely happy but he said he was better than ever!

He told me to open some presents!

He also told me that suzie didn't get any of the presents and he thought that I would like them!

What I got:

Some vans

Some hair straighters

A jack wills bag

A hollister t- shirt

And some gilly hicks pants!

I said thank you about a billion times and asked him him how he afforded it he said "I got a massive pay rise but didn't tell suzie"

He told me that he would also get my phone back from suzie so I could have the iPhone 5 that I payed for myself so I said thank you again.. this was the best birthday I have had in a LONG time!

I told dad I was going to go to bed now because I was really tired and had a great day he said "ok but can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Of coarse" I reply

Dad:" look raza I have been planning to break up with suzie for a while now I realised that I don't love her a couple of months ago"

Raza: "why didn't you break up with her?"

Dad: I thought you wanted a mother figure in your life but in the past week or so I realised that she is treating you badly but I was going to wait until after the summer to do it

Raza: why?

Dad: because well you know I got a payrise?

Raza: yeah

Dad: I have to so to Sweden every month and basically I have to go tomorrow for a week!

Raza: but where am I gonna stay I have no family left apart from you?

Dad: well let me see what I can do I will come up later and tell you what's going to happen

Raza: ok

I couldn't sleep I wanted to know what was going to happen where was I going to go?

Finally about an hour later my dad came up and sat on my bed he said "raza you are going to.....

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