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  • Dedicated to andrew

One day there was a group of friends their names were John, Erin, Naomi and Dominic. They were going for a holiday at the famous alpine ski resort. When the four of them reached their rooms Naomi saw the old pre-school bullies, Harry and Levi.

Harry and Levi had been bullying her and Erin all through school and pre-school to.

"Naomi what's wrong?" Erin whispered.

"It's Harry and Levi their here to!" Naomi whispered back, just as John and Dominic walked out of the room they were sharing for this holiday.

"You girls all right?" asked Dominic.

"Yeah fine." They replied together, trying not to ruin the holiday so early. A while later Erin and Naomi walked passed Harry and Levi in the hall heading out side to the ice skating rink, and Harry said "Hey losers, what you doing here?"

"Get out of the way and while you're at it get lost you as well you to Levi!" growled Erin.

"Make us!" Levi shouted down the hall, just as the boys walked passed them.

"OK, what's going on girls?" questioned John.

"John it's Harry and Levi the old school bullies." Dominic whispered to John.

Not getting the answer from his other question John asked, "Are they bullying you again?"

Yes they're bullying us again." Erin huffed.

"John, we have to do something." Dominic exclaimed.

"Yes, your right, but what?" asked John.

When they got to the ice skating rink Harry and Levi started calling the girls mean names. John and Dominic got angry very quickly and began a fight with Harry and Levi, but Harry and Levi got scared and when they got the chance they both screamed at the top of their lungs.

" We will never bully another person as long as you let us go!"

The next day John, Erin, Naomi and Dominic were going skiing and Harry and Levi were to. "Um, hi girls we are really sorry for bulling you all through school. Will you forgive us?" asked Levi.

" I think we can forgive you and thank you for the apology." Replied Naomi. The rest of the day was fantastic because the six of them went skiing together. That night they packed their bags so they could leave very early the next morning to catch the plane back to Brisbane, so they could start university and go back to their part time jobs.