Tears streamed down both our faces. Red as can be, why does it have to end in this kind of way?

"I cared for you, Kaeylin. I cared of us!" He cried, glaring back at me.

"You never cared. I let you into my life and now I'm picking up the pieces just like my parents ever did to me. I had no guy telling me the things I wanted to hear and you just came by one day and said them to me. What a fucking joke!" I pick up my purse to leave.

"And you know what I'm looking forward to? Walking through the halls now knowing you're out of my life and everyone finds out that you've gotten a DUI. How you spent the night in a rotting jail cell. You'll be the one be called, Freaky Hemmings. But instead, Drunky Connor. And I can sure make it rain on your parade so bad that you'll be begging to just let every day go by quickly because of how much it hurts." I smile evilly at him.

"So that's it? You're leaving me to be with Freaky Hemmings? And I'm the fucking moron." Connor scoffs. 

"At least he's not behind bars... At least Luke cares for me like how a big boy is suppost act." I reply. 

"You know what, I'm actually on board with that. Just because Gothy Hemmings has the worst attidude doesn't mean you have to start acting like him. Or even ruin somebody else's day." Connor aimed his spit in my direction but missed by a few more inches.

"Funny you say that, because now you know how it feels to be on the other side, just like Luke." I nod my head.

Connor stands on his 2 feet with his arms and hands over the cell's rails with nothing to say back to me. He knew I was right but didn't want to admit.

"We did everything together, Kaeylin. We were the ideal couple at school. Ranked the cutest." He goes on.

"Connor you made me feel like nothing. Thinking I'm just a dumb blonde and runs around like a puppy dog everyday. But the joke is you need me then I need your fucking ass." I cross my arms.

No response there.

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