Chapter 7

"So about the kiss..." I said

"I get it. It was just for the game it meant nothing" He said

Ouch. That hurt. I was going to tell him I felt so much more than a friend should but he obviously doesn't feel the same. I'm glad I didn't that saved me from major embarrassment.

"Ya. Totally just for the game. I'm gonna go get another drink" I said and walked away fighting the tears.

Why am I crying? Its not like I expected him to like me back. But I was hoping he did.

"Karma? Are you okay?" I jumped at the sudden noise almost spilling my just opened beer 

"Ya Alice. I'm fine. Why?"

"Your crying Karma. What happened?" She pressed

I reached up and felt wet on my cheeks. I didn't even notice I started to cry.

"Nothing. Im just being stupid"

"Your not fine Karma your crying" She pressed

"I'm just upset things didn't go my way. Okay? I'm being stupid about something I should have known wouldn't happen in the first place" I said while new tears started to stream down my face

"Oh Karma. Was it your talk with Luke? What did he say?"

"He told me the kiss meant nothing" I had troubles getting the words out and my breathing got heavy "I didn't even know I liked him. We have been friends for so long. But when we kissed it was so different I felt the sparks and it was so fucking cliche. But I felt it. I felt the butterfly's the sparks and all I can think about is how I want it all again. But I cant because I got friendzoned" I said bitterly

"What? That makes no sense" She said like she knew something I didn't

"What doesn't make sense?" 

"Nothing. God hes an asshole anyone who wouldn't want you is a dipshit"

"Im such a baby. What the fuck am I doing crying over something so stupid. Go back outside in gonna get a new drink" I said and walked to the fridge while she walked out of the kitchen hesitantly. Im so stupid this is nothing I was probably just cold when we kissed or something hes right it meant nothing we are just friends.

I walk back outside to see everyone staring at me.

"What?" I ask slightly mad

"Nothing. Wanna do something?" Connor replies

"What do you have in mind?" I ask 

"Lets play spin the bottle" Connor replies with a sly smirk

"There's two guys you twat" Faith says 

"That's the fun of it" Connor shoots back

"Oh fuck off"

"Ok. That's out of the question because we aren't 12" I say shaking my head at there stupid attitudes. I remember something and smirk "I know what we should do" They all look at me

"Lets shave Connors head" I say remembering his loss at Walmart 

"Shit" is the only thing that comes out of Connors mouth 

"Guys I don't trust karma being this close to me with that thing" He  said looking petrified

"Oh shut up. You should get better game so this wont happen" I said making fun of his flirting skills 

Once I'm done I step back from the chair and look at him

"Holy shit you look like a potato" Faith says smirking

"Fuck you. Karma can I use your bathroom?" He says looking scared

"Ya go ahead"


Alice walks over and places a hand on my back and says "How are you?" 

"I'm fine seriously" I said and walked away to the kitchen to get a glass of water but I bump into a body 

"Sorry Karma" I heard the familiar voice and feel my knees go weak. That has never happened before.

"Uh its fine" I said masking my swooning. I reach up trying to get the last cup on the shelf but cant quite reach. I feel a hand placed on my waist then see the cup placed in front of me I turn around to see Luke had reached over me and grabbed the glass. He backed away and leaned back onto the counter 


"No problem" he reply's "Do you still sing?" He asks

"Nope" I reply not really wanting to talk about it 

"How come?" He questions

"You know why" I say 

"Karma" He says sincerely "I know what happened was hard but you shouldn't let it take away something you love"

"Ya well I lost a few things I love that day I guess" I said and walk out of the kitchen and go back to where everyone else is.

"Hey lets put out the fire and grab the mattresses and put them in the living room like we usually do" I suggest 

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