As the last of Harry's lessons came to an end he began to wonder where Luna would be. When he didn't see her at dinner he began to worry. Hermione caught his eye and gave him a puzzled look. He jumped up and announced he was going to see Hagrid."You alright, mate?" Ron asked. "yeah, yeah I just haven't seen him in a while" he said before he shot off.

Now Harry thought - where would she be? He walked towards the spot where he saw her sitting the other day. No luck. Harry wandered off in the direction of the forest, past Harris's hut. Suddenly it occurred to him that Luna might be with the Thestrals in the forest, she mentioned liking them when they were at Hogsmead. On his way down to the forest Harry's mind, as it often did, drifted to that day. He had so much fun and being with Luna was easy, comfortable. He couldn't wait to give her the necklace but wasn't sure when to do it, it was up in his dorm tucked away with his Firebolt that Sirius bought him. At the thought of Sirius Harry's mood darkened and a small lump in his throat began to form.

After a while Harry came into a clearing and found Luna holding out an apple to a small Thestral. As usual she was barefooted and her long hair hung around her waist. Harry called out to her and she turned around and gave him a huge smile, that Harry happily returned. "Hi Luna! You alright?" Harry asked. Luna nodded and gave him a puzzled look, "What are you doing out here?" Harry laughed, "I was looking for you!" Luna's cheeks turned slightly pink as she smiled and asked him how she could help. "Well actually I was wondering if you could help me, I mean, would you come with me to Slughorn's Christmas party?" Luna looks simultaneously surprised and delighted, "I'd love to!", Harry felt relieved.

"Should we head back? It's getting quite late" Harry asked. "Sure, just a minute", just as she said this Luna pulled out a raw slab of meat from her bag and offered it to the small Thestral who took it gratefully. Luna smiles affectionately at it, and turned to Harry: "let's go!"

They walked back to the castle both chatting animatedly. When they reached the entrance hall it felt as though they flew there to Harry. "So when is the party?" Luna asked. "Oh, this Friday. I'm glad you're going with me Luna, it's going to make it so much more fun" Luna grinned "me too! Anyway, I'll see you Friday, night Harry!" She was about to turn away when Harry pulled her in for a quick hug, her breath caught when it lingered for just a second too long.

"See you later Luna" Harry said as he turned away, headed for his common room.

Luna watched him go before practically dancing off towards her dorm. She could barely contain her excitement as she walked down the corridor not even noticing Mrs Norris staring at her.

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