How could he. ~chapter 2

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I wake up at 6am get out of bed and check my phone to see i got a text from drew: good morning :). i say "morning :p" i change into my black ripped pair of jean shorts and a white top with a black cross and tuck it into my shorts but leave it baggy and put my black leather jacket over it and put on my stud bracelets and leave my beach wavy velvet red hair down and throw on my black studded combat boots and grab my mini cross stud backpack for school and get my phone and put on the last touches of my makeup and left in my blue Lamborghini.

It was only 7am and me and Lola always go to munchies for ice cream or a milk shake yes we do eat ice cream in the morning its our favorite, school doesnt start tell 8:15am so we had another like hour. i pull up in front of munchies and get out of the car and and waited for Lola as i got a text from her sayin~ "ill be there in 5"  i went inside and got a seat and ordered our favorites.. chocolate milkshakes with wip cream, as someone taps me on the shoulder... i turn around to see who it is and its drew. he smiles and bites his lip and says "sup. waitin for someone?" i say "yee Lola" he says "oh... Lola?" i say "yeah...?" he says "kool" Lola walks in and stops and gives me the are u serious? look. i say "theres Lola, hey Lola!" and smile.

Lola walks over here and says "hi Sky" Drew says "well hey to you too Lola. i better go i can tell im unwanted here. Later Sky" and he walks away, "Lola! that was so un kool. why so harsh?" i say. she says "i don't want my best friend to get hurt. he's bad news sky. since when do u guys talk anyways?" i say "since yesterday. and u don't know him. the real him. so don't judge him.", Lola says "whoa calm down. i thought u hated him.?", i say "i didnt hate him. i just didnt like how he went around killin people and getting himself into trouble." Lola says "he doesnt like you Sky. he is just using you... i dint think you would be this stupid to get yourself into this. you need to stay away from him Sky." "well thanks... i didnt know i was that unlikable... since when r u in charge of what i do. ill hang out with him if i want. im done with this conversation." i say as i pick up my stuff and leave. "common Sky im just lookin out for you. he doesnt like anyone Sky.." "Sky!!" Lola says.

I get in my car and get a text from Drew it says "meet at the lake now" sent at 7:34am, i put in the keys and drive to the lake... i see a whole bunch of people and beer bottles smashed everywhere... i get out of the car and say "what the hell happen here?" Drew says "yo yo yo guys the bitch made it hahaha" i stand there shocked... i thought we were kool. his friend Jayden says "awh i think we should teach this bitch a lesson" and he gets off the bench and smashes his bear bottle against the ground and walks towards me and his friends follow him accept Drew he just sits there drinking.  Jayden cracks his knuckles and says "this annoying bitch finally gets teached a lesson." he throws a punch at me and i fall on the ground and say "yo what the hell man" him and the rest of his friends keep throwing punches at me and kick me then Jayden says "maybe we should leave the rest for Drew" Drews just sittin there holding the phone recording it. Drew passes the iphone to Jayden and says "about time" and wipes his mouth and throws the bear bottle against the ground.

He walks towards me and says "bitch. its my turn." i sit there with my hands keeping my back of the ground and say "please. please Drew. i thought we were friends?" he says "bitch. i'd never be friends with you." he punches me like 10 times and slaps me and kick's me... then walks away and says "so this is the chick thats been giving you dirty looks?" Jayden says "yepp, this ugly ass bitch thinks she can just walk around and give people dirty looks... now she gets what she deserves." i lay there with my face covered in blood i finally manage to get up and say "please. please stop. i thought u were different drew. please im sorry!" Drew says "eh FUCK DIFFERENT. you dont know me SHUT THE FUCK UP. now say bye  bitch." i stand there scared and say "w-wha-a-t what do u mean say bye?" he says "you know what i mean." he pulls out a gun and says "its time for u to take a trip to hell" i say "please! PLEASE DREW!! Please dont do this!! Im sorry!! im so sorry." he says "peace out bitch" he shoots me twice once in the shoulder and once near the heart... i drop to the ground and everything goes blurry my hand iz holding my shoulder as they say "haha byee bitch!"  i watch them all run to there car and drive away. everything starts to go all black and i pass out... i wake up and check my phone its 9:56am i got 14 miss calls from Lola. and 20 text that say "Sky!!" "Skyler!!" "Im sorry" "please answer" "Skyler im worried" "you cut school" "what happen?" "skyler?!?!" "sky?" "where are you" "skyler im worried" "please answer me skyler im sorry for what i said im sorry" "im sorry" "it was stupid" "what i said" "it was stupid im sorry" "a lot of people like you" "maybe i miss judged him" "skyler?!?!" "please answer me im worried!!"

I get up slowly and look around, everything is still a little blurry. i was in no condition to drive so i sat in my car and pulled a mirror out and put my cover up on  to hide the bruises and such u could still see them a bit but not as much... i put some gaws over where i got shot and put medician tape over it... i just sit there for 30 mins. it was now 10:26am and i could see better.. my vision was no longer blurry... i started the car and slowly drived away. i had to go to school or i would have got caught... so i arrived at school at 11:00am i was driving very slow... i park my car and get out and walk to the doors... i open the doors and go to the office and explain to them that im late cuz my car broke down.. they said "dont let this ever happen again" and gave me a warning and sent me to class... i put my stuff in my locker and rest my head against the locker then the bell rang and everyone was coming out of classes and Drew and Jayden come to there locker and Drew says "hey Skyler" i stand there with the look 'i cant believe you did that to me' and walk away. Jayden says "wassup with her?" he says "i have no idea" Jayden says "i thought she was kool?" Drew says "yee she is.. she's probably just tired" and they close there locker and walk away.

After all my classes it was lunch... i didnt feel like eating.. i went and sat in the bathroom stall and just had a coke. i got a whole bunch of text from Lola sayin "ur at school? where r u? we usually always eat lunch together" "im sorry sky" "r u okay" and stuff like that... and i got a text from Drew sayin "yo skyler?" "skyler?" "yo" "where u at?" i just sat there and shut off my phone and covered my face with my hands and cried. and i thought to myself 'i should have just listen to Lola, i never thought drew would actually do this to me... i thought we were friends.' 'just the pain of knowing he was the one who shot me hurts more then the pain of being shot.' 'Lola was right. i trusted him and he hurt me. emotionally and physically.' 'why did i  trust him.' i just sit there crying into my sleeves... then i hear a voice "um hello are u okay?" as she knocks on the stall... i wipe my eyes and say "yee im good." i wipe my tears and open the stall to see Lola standing there.

She says "OMG Skyler? what happen to you?? ur face iz full of.... bruises and shit...what happen to you skyler?!" i say "i fell. i was running and i tripped and fell face first." she says "no you didnt. that looks like u got beat up Sky!" i look and bite my lip and comb my hair back.. she says "no.. no.. please dont say... Drew did this??" i take a deep breath and say "i know. u were right okay? happy now?." and walk away.. she says"no skyler. im not happy. what the fuck is wrong with him? i thought he was your friend." i say "i know.. so did i... but i guess i was wrong.... him Jayden and all his other 10 gang members jumped me... first Jayden and em said lets teach her a lesson and Drew laughed... and they punched me and kicked me like 15 times and then Jayden said to Drew 'lets let Drew finish her off' and Drew said 'finally its my turn to teach this bitch a lesson.' he walk over and i kept bagging him to stop, to not hurt me... but he  didnt listen.. he punched me like 10 times in the face then slapped me and kicked me and then he said 'say bye' and h-h-e pulled out a gun and shot me twice... once in the shoulder and once near the heart..." i said crying... i pulled down my sweater to show her wear the gaws were and she said "oh my god. skyler... im so sorry" and she wrapped her arms around me and said "we need to take u to a hospital sky... thats really close to the heart" i said "okay..but dont tell em what happen.... i will..." she said "okay..." "im sorry i know u really liked him... but he's trouble... im gonna get him for this.. no one hurts my best friend and gets away with it" . i giggle and say "i know u were right im sorry..." and she gives me a hug and says "im sorry Sky" i say "dont worry." i grab my bag and we leave. 

Lola says "alright im gonna go get my bag and ill be right back" i say "kay ill wait here" she heads off to get her bag and i see Drew walking towards me... he says "yo Sky why didnt u text me back?" i say "Drew.. leave me alone! and dont call me sky. my name is Skyler." i walk away and he grabs my hand and turns me around and says "whoa whats going on i thought we were kool?" i say "so did i." he says "whats goin on sky-skyler?" Lola walks over and says "Drew!! leave her the fuck alone!!"

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