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I sat there on a bench of the nearby park inhaling deeply as much as fresh air I can. It has been five days since I've seen a single streak of sunlight. I've spent these five days locked in my room. My high school ended last week and since then I wasn't allowed to go out of the house without permission. But somehow I managed to sneak out of the house for some fresh air. It felt so good to be away from all the terrible things going on in my life.

I looked at my watch on the wrist. Hell...!!  I've been out for a very long time. If I didn't reach back before he arrives home I'll be surely in trouble. I started walking as fast as I could. In about five minutes I was outside a small house at the corner of the street.

My feet trembled as I walked into the dusty old house.That was my so-called-home. But everytime I walk inside my HOME a fear cross my mind. I put my hand around the door knob and my eyes went down to my hands. I could feel the burning of my skin due to the lit cigarette. The wounds it left were still fresh. Living in this house has become a nightmare for me. Infact my life has become a nightmare. All past years started flickering in front of my eyes.

I was very young when my dad died. Since then I've always seen my mum in a drunken state. We shifted from our house and started living with my mom's new boyfriend Tony. Since then he had been living with us controlling our lives. Tony was a clumsy middle aged man. He was always dressed untidily. His ugly looks, unkempt hairs and overgrown beard made me wonder what my mother saw in him. He was always foul-mouthed and high. He never allowed me to talk to anyone, the main reason I never had any friends. Once I tried making some friends but I don't know how Tony found it out.The result was the marks of whiplashes left on my entire body. He was drunk and hit me with a whip. It was then when he made up his mind to drop me out of school. I remember crying whole day, I starved myself and begged him to allow me to complete my school. He agreed to let me complete my high school only if I didn't talk to anyone. He threatened to punish me and my mother if I didn't do what he ask for. I didn't have any choice but to agree him.

He mostly stays out but whenever he's home he'd beat the shit out of me. This is nothing new to me now, I've been suffering from this since I was small. Honestly now I'm used to it. The cigarette burns, the whips, the abuses they have become part of my life that I can never escape. Sometimes I think of fleeing away from here and never come back. But then I can't leave my mom alone here with that bastard. Leaving her means throwing her to die.

My life was miserable and there was nothing I could do about it. Cursing my life I started climbing the stairs that lead to my room. The stairs squeaked under the pressure of my foot. I heard someone slowly sobbing. Dammit it's MOM..!! I ran back downstairs from halfway  towards my mom's room. She was curled in the corner of the room sobbing.I held her tightly in my arms. Tears were streaming down her wrinkled cheeks. All this alcohol and stuff had made my mom look more older than her actual age. The strong smell of alcohol was nausseating me. She was again drunk and her fucking boyfriend had hit her. Probably he didn't find me to take out his frustration on so he had hit my mum. I cursed myself for leaving her alone.

"That bastard had hit you again."

"SSsshh E-M.", My mother said in her drunk voice and placed her hand on my mouth.

"Whe..rrre were you..Yourrr Mommy needed you..", She stuttered.

"I'm here Mom." Tears started felling from my eyes. My poor mom.... We were sitting on the floor and i was tightly hugging my mom. To see mum this way was the last thing I wanna see in my life.

"Why Mom? Why?? Why don't we get out of here?", I didn't realize I was crying so loud.

"Tony lovess.. me...Em...B-But..He d-don't want Youu...",My mum said in my hairs. I broke from our embrace.

" He don't love you either mom. He don't love you", I was practically shouting at her.

"No...no...no..no...He love me.."

I wondered if this is really what love is? If this is love then its such a shitty thing. I'll never ever fall in love. Suddenly I heard the front door crack open. He was back I knew he was back. I could hear heavy footsteps nearing us.

"He's back Mom."I whispered in her ear.

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