Chapter Twenty Four:

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"Miley, are you okay?" Liam cried walking with the stretcher to the ambulance. "W-what's going on?" "Don't talk, keep the mask on your face." Brittany said with her make-up streamed down her face. "Tell me whats going on! Where are my babies!?" Miley demanded.

"Babe, I left the stove on and the house caught on fire. Luckily, somebody saw and ran over here. The babies are fine, there already at the hospital." Liam explained before they put her in the ambulance. "Oh god." Miley cried.

The ambulance wouldnt allow anyone to go with Miley so Liam and Brittany drove there. When they got there they were taking x-rays of Miley's chest to see how much smoke she breathed in.

"Where's my daughter?" Angela asked the front desk, then she saw Liam sitting in the chair in the corner with Brittany. "Nevermind." Angela said and ran over to Liam.

"What happened?" Angela asked getting on her knees infront of Liam. "The house caught on fire, luckily this man saw and got Caylen and Ciara out before they breathed too much of the smoke in. But, he was only 14 so he couldnt get Miley out, they said she breathed in quite a bit of the smoke. They're doing x-rays right now." Liam explained.

"Liam." The doctor opened the door. Liam stood up and walked over to him. "Miley will have to stay overnight, she breathed in a lot of the smoke. Caylen is just fine. But, Ciara..." the doctor hesitated. "What about her?" Liam asked. "Shes not doing so great, she breathed in more smoke then Miley and Caylen put together." "How is that even possible? Miley was in there longer than her." "Im not sure son."

"Dr. Brown, we need you. She's not breathing. Ciara." A tall skinny nurse yelled from one of the rooms. "Im so sorry." Dr. Brown said before running back.

Liam caught the door before it shut all the way and ran back to the room.

All he could see was his baby girl lying there on the table with a tube down her throat.

He broke down to his knees crying. Praying to god. And hoping he could save her.

He heard a heartbeat but, it was faint.

He stood up and saw Ciara's hand move. "Thank you god." Liam looked up wiping his tears.

"Liam, whats wrong?" Miley asked being pushed in a wheelchair holding Caylen. "Miley, you dont want to see her." Liam turned around. " Why? What's wrong with her?" Miley got tears in her eyes. Then, Ciara's heart stopped again.

"Liam, please tell me thats not Ciara in that room. And please tell me, her heart is still beating." Miley cried. Liam walked over to Miley and just hugged her.

It's been 5 minutes and there still trying to get her heart to beat again.

"Dr. I dont think we can do anything else." A blonde nurse said. "Time of death, 4:24pm." Dr. Brown said disappointed.

He walked out of the room, and just looked at Miley and Liam.

"Im so sorry, we tried everything we could." Dr. Brown slowly walked away with tears in his eyes.

"Oh Liam!" Miley cried.

Angela and Brittany walked back and saw them crying.

"Whats going on?" Angela asked. "Ciara, mom shes dead." Miley cried. "Oh honey." Angela cried joining in on the hug. Brittany just stood there crying.

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