Chapter 7: The Truth Hurts

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Chapter 7: the truth hurts

Justine's P.O.V

I woke up earlier then Cam. Although it seemed like things were back to normal they weren't . I sat up. I started to remember even though I didn't want to. I was tensed as last nights disaster flash backed into my mind.


I looked inside my house to find my dad standing in front of my mother with the gun. She laid on the ground motionless, I looked at the blood on the ground . I remember running away with tears violently running down my face .

I wanted to forget . The gun shot noises replayed in my mind, over and over and ov- (GCO)

Cameron's P.O.V

I noticed Justine sat up I hugged her .

I looked at the horror in the eyes and tears that kept pouring.

"JUSTINE" I shouted

Still no answer just a stare of fear that wasn't right.

"JUSTINE" I shook her

She loosened up and looked at me. "Are you ok Justine?"

"I-I'm no-not" she stuttered , she looked as if she saw a ghost. She looked down and cried some more. I put her head into my chest. I wanted to soothe her and calm her down. Her

tears kept coming and coming. I lifted her chin with my pointer finger to the side of her face and my thumb supporting the bottom of my chin. "Do you want to talk about this?" I asked . "Y-Ya" she said while wiping her tears . "G-Go get-t Alex-xandra and Tayl-lor" she said sobbing into her shirt. "I will " I said , I pulled her in for another hug . "I'll be back" I said .

I ran to Alexandra and Taylor who were staying in the guest bedroom .

I shook them . "WAKE UP" I screamed. Still no response I got a small amount of water and threw it at them.

They both looked at me as if they were going to kill me. "Guys come please it's important" I pleaded . "Fine" they said pouting and following me to my room.

Alexandra's P.O.V

Why the hell would cam wake us up? We're relaxing and now he's taking us to his room for important poop . I walked up. Cam opened the door. I was shocked to see Justine balling her eyes out . I ran to her. "Oh my god Justine are you ok?" I asked eager to know what the hell was going on.

"I br-ought y-you guys her-re to talk " she stuttered a few words. "My acc-cident yester-rday was most-tly becau-se I w-was af-fraid." She stuttered again "what were you afraid of?" I asked as I leaned in a little bit. Cameron kept rubbing her back as she spoke to make it easier for her to explain to us.

Her eyes looked down to the ground. More tears fell from her eyes. Cameron hugged her again and me and Taylor hugged her as well.

She took a deep breath .

"My dad ..." She paused again for a breath . " killed my m-mom" as soon as she said that a waterfall of tears came crashing from her eyes .all of our jaws dropped .

"Justine.. "I rapped her tight around my arms .

Justine's P.O.V

I turned over to Alexandra and hugged her for a while. I couldn't speak. Just crying. I turned to Cameron as he hugged me tight. Rubbing my back. It felt good but it wasn't stopping the pain from leaving. I turned to Taylor who had some tears in his eyes .. I hugged him too. We group hugged .

I felt depressed. Even though I was use to them fighting and didn't care. I realized with my dad as a killer and my mom dead . I had no one, no one at all but my friends.

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