XV.❦ "This shouldn't be hard for you."

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                      XV.❦ "This shouldn't be hard for you."

The end-winter air blew through the sky, hitting Olivia's cheeks as she inhaled deeply with her eyes closed. The snow was melting, making it seem like a fallen paradise. Though summer was coming in a few months, freeing them all of their houses, Olivia wasn't so thrilled. She was full-time locked up, in herself. It took her long to finally see it, and now she met the right person who let her see it, she only regretted seeing it. 

   The words that were spoken to her, that she needed to be demanded, that she held her boundaries close to her, that she wasn't brave enough and needed to learn who she was...they were eating away her brain, as much as her teeth were cutting her nails short. 

   "Coffee?" Olivia nodded, not even turning her body to turn to the one who spoke. Her body was aching, her fingers drumming on the railing as she thought about the happenings from last night. Her eyes followed upwards towards the balcony where he stood only hours ago, smoking a cigarette. The image was still clear in her memory, how his hand went up and he waved as if there was nothing going on.

    And there, indeed, wasn't.

   Harry hadn't respond to the textmessage, yet, as it was only half past eight in the morning. Why Jamie was here, was because of an emergency. Olivia needed company, other company that shoved the facts right under her nose. She wasn't in the mood for heavy talking she could barely.

   "Olivia c'mon, get inside." Sighing, Olivia turned around and walked back into her apartment, sitting down on the couch where memories from not even twenty-four hours ago was were still so fresh. The mug with steaming Latté Macchiato filled her nostrils, but the lust towards the drink wasn't there. Olivia took a sip, the burning liquid leaving fire on her tongue and throat before she set the drink down and kicked her legs under her bum. 

   "Why are you so... Jesus, I don't know..." Jamie shook her head, looking straight in Olivia's eyes that were bloodshot, cupped by darkness and looked to be closing soon enough. "Spill."

   Breathing in deeply through her nose, Olivia closed her eyes for a brief moment, feeling her body almost giving up but she quickly opened them. "What do I need to say?" 

   "Why the lack of sleep? Why the 'a friend is getting over and normally I get myself good clothed and try my littlest bit to look presentable but now I look like a terrible just woken up - I mean like I barely slept - person'?"

   In response, Olivia only shrugged, the muscles in her shoulders painfully tensing as they were in knots. "Didn't feel like it." 

   "What does that neighbor of you do?"


   "But he keeps you awake, Olivia!  So he does keep something during the night. Have you ever complained to him?"

   "Went to his door."


   "He wasn't home."

   Jamie shook her head again, rolling her eyes. "Go again."

   "No." Olivia was quick to answer, swallowing down all the coffee before placing the cup onto the coffee-table. The girlfriends stared at each other, no words were spoken before Jamie broke the silence. 

   "Why not?" 

   Exactly then, Olivia's device beeped and the screen lit up. Both the girls read as a notification for a new message was given. The sender by the name of Harry.

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