One Crazy, Messed Up Night

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Draco was pulling Hermione through the entrance hall and to the lifts.

"Malfoy, slow down!" Hermione screeched.

"Not my fault your slow." he drawled

"Well 1) Your still taller them me, with your long legs you take bigger strides 2) and I'm in 5 ** inch heels." she yelled

"Your right, we're just waisting time." he said coming to an abrupt stop. He spun around, put his arms under her knees and one under her arms and picked her up bridle stile.

"Malfoy!" she screamed

"One of you two take her shoes, the other get the bag." ordered Malfoy

Theo took her shoes and Blaise took her bag. Both got a beating but they eventually yanked them from her grasp.

"What is the reason you took my bag?" she questioned Draco.

"So you. Don't hex. Me." he replied slowly in a mocking voice.

"And what is your obsession with you lot about picking me up?" she kept talking "This is the third time today. I'm not a rag doll here. So can I walk now you took me shoes." she finished

"No, your still slow, trust me, this way is quicker." They had now entered the lift.

"Look we're almost here now, I can walk the rest of the way. It's a couple of steps to our-" she shuddered at the word our "-room." she stated.

"Nope." was her answer as he popped the 'p'

They entered the room and Draco didn't put Hermione down whilst Theo and Blaise went to change.

"Malfoy do you like holding me or something, we're here now, you can put me down." said Hermione

"No, not until Theo and Blaise get back, in fact, you can go change into you night ware." he said whilst caring her to the bedroom and plonking her down on the bed before walking out and locking the door. 'Strange' thought Hermione 'why did he lock the door, he knows I'm in here?"

Any way, she got changed before banging on the door. "Malfoy, I'm ready, can you open this door."

"What's the magic word." he teased

"Alohomora, would have thought you knew that Malfoy, it's the simplest spell to remember." Hermione mocked back

"You can stay in there then."

"Fine, I've got the bathroom and the bed, don't bother me."

"Want about, food?" silence was his reply before a loud 'CRACK' was heard from behind him. He jumped 10 feet in the air

"Apparition always helps." commented Hermione before turning to go to the door. Malfoy waved his wand and the door locked and another wave of his wand the apparition wards were put up.

"Malfoy." She warned

"Yes." he answers whilst slowly walking to her.

"What are you playing at?" she asked whilst walking away from his coming form. Draco followed her until she was in front of the couch. With that he took one big stride towards her before tackling her down on the seat.

"Malfoy." she yelled surprised.

She went to get back up but he pushed her down and sat on top of her. She tried to hit him but he grabbed both her wrists in one hand and held them above her head.

"Malfoy, get off of me!"


"If you don't get off me now, so help me I-" He cut her off.

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