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Aurora's POV

Its been days since Baekhyun & Jess died. We always relax in the living room. But it doesn't mean we are relaxing at all. Now Lay, Chanyeol, Taylor, Dylia, D.O, Suho, Shazlyn, Clara, Sehun and I are the one who still alive.

Now its Lay & my turn to die. All of my friends keeps protecting me & Lay. We also tried to find escapes but to no avail. Now, I just wait for our turn to get murder.

I still feel doubt about Suho. If he's not the killer, why there's the 'angel' word at Jess's body? Wait, why do the killer give clues about them, especially an obvious one? Maybe Suho just have something to do with the killer...


I turn to look at my back. There's only one person who call me that. And I was right, its Lay.

"Rosy, what are you doing outside, at the balcony?"

I am now at the balcony in our room. I go to Lay and hug him.

"I'm just thinking..."


"I just think when will we die..." I lean my head at his chest.


"When its our turn to die, I'm ready."

Lay sighs, "I know, I also ready to die. I hope we die together."

"Yeah, like Kai & Liz unnie."

I really feel Kai & Liz unnie's death are tragic but romantic. They lay beside each other when they die.

We hug each other for a while. Then, Lay release the hug.

"Do u remember the first time we met?"

I smile, remembering the day, "Yeah, we were bumping at the school library cuz of your clumsiness. You quickly apologise to me. You are so cute that time!"

"What about now? Am I cute?"

I pretend to think, "Nope." I decide to tease him.

Lay pouts. He's so cute when he's pouting!

"I'm just joking, Yixing~ You are the cutest, most handsome & attractive guy I ever met."

He smiles at me. He likes it when I say his real name. He pecks my lips, "And you are the prettiest, most adorable and lovely girlfriend I ever have. Now let's go to the living room and watch television."

We then go to the living room, holding hands. I see D.O & Dylia preparing lunch, Sehun & Clara are playing video games. Those maknaes... Taylor is reading a book on a sofa while her boyfriend, Chanyeol sleeping on the sofa with his head on Taylor's lap. Shazlyn is preparing the table while Suho.... Why is he staring at Taylor like that? His face is pale.


I turn to look at Lay. I heard Shazlyn asks Suho if he's okay.

"Lets just sit on the ground."

So Lay & I sit on the ground & watch the television while cuddling. Lay's right arm is around me. I lean my head on his shoulder. Its so comfortable...



"What do you want to eat during dinner?"

I shrug, "I'm not picky on food. So everything's fine."

Lay looks at me, "Well... I really want to eat chicken soup..."

I then remember, today is Lay's & my turn to cook dinner.

I peck his cheeks, "Ok, lets cook it together for dinner."

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