Leap of Faith

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A couple of weeks had passed and things were unreal. 

I would go to work and then Harry would, inconspicuously, come over to make dinner and watch movies. We’d fall asleep in my bed (don't get crazy, all we were doing is sleeping). Walking up to his arms around my waist and his curly head of hair on the pillow next to me felt like an absolute dream. 

We disagreed on small, stupid things, but other than that the “honeymoon phase” of the relationship (or whatever this was), was definitely in full force. 

He had to keep up a supposed flirtation with Kendall. Luckily, having him here only meant that Modest would release little tips to the media like that they were texting non stop or that they would tweet about each other. 

Sometimes Harry would write something like “thinking about her… xx”, and send me a text right after telling me it was me he was thinking of. That boy had a hold on my heart and I did not mind. Not at all. 

Tonight we (finally) were going on our first real date, picking a place where paparazzi wouldn’t bombard us and management wouldn’t find out.

Harry had told me not to plan anything, only what to wear and that he was taking care of the rest. 

It was 7 already and Harry would be here in an hour. Crap. Okay. Curl or straighten my hair??…. Curl. After that I applied some light make up that highlighted my eyes and made me look pretty without going overboard. 

I picked out a cute skirt with a pretty blouse, a black leather jacket to keep me warm, a pair of high heeled boots with black and a pretty patterned scarf as the final touch. Just as I was applying some lip gloss, I hear a knock at the door.

I grab my purse and keys and run to open it…. No one was there. I look down and see a note, which I pick up and read right away.

Dear Ava,


Prepare yourself for the best night of your life. 


Xx, Harry


P.s. look to your right.


I do so and there he is standing at the end of the hall with an adorable little grin on his face. 

“Hello beautiful. Are you ready?”

“Of course. Though I don’t know Harry….”, I say with as serious a face I can manage.

He looks worried, exactly the reaction I was going for.

“I don’t know if I can handle the best night of my life. I mean, it may be too much” And I crack a smile.

He laughs and tickles my side, “Silly, you had me worried you were going to tell me to go on the date myself. Sarcasm will get you nowhere Ava”, he says as he sticks his tongue out, simultaneously intertwining his fingers with mine.

“That’s a lie”, I respond. “I was sarcastic and I’m still going on the best date ever.”

“Touché, that you are.”

A short car ride later we’re at an area that looks a little scary to be honest. Abandoned and at one point we can’t drive any further because there’s a gate. 

“Harry….. Where are you taking me??”

“Don’t ask questions love. Just come along”, he says as he smiles and takes my hand again. 

We begin to walk up a hill and it’s not a long walk, but wearing heeled boots isn’t conducive to this, really. 

At the top, I look up after catching my breath and the sight itself takes my breath away again, this time for other reasons.

The hill became a plateau and on the flat area was a table set for two, complete with candles, glasses and a picnic basket. It was until we walked up to the table that I noticed why Harry had chosen this precise place. On the other side of the hill, it dropped off to show an amazing view of London’s city lights.

I stood there, absolutely stunned…. It was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me…

-Harry’s POV-

I watched her face as we walked up to the table, hoping she’d like my surprise. 

Her eyes light up and I swear I see her tear up a little bit. She just stands in awe. I could have booked the most expensive restaurant, or a private jet to Paris or something else ridiculous. 

But I wanted to show her my love for her was pure and I wanted her to know I did this all myself. 

That the man that I am is in love with her and not the 1/5 of One Direction, because that’s not what makes me up entirely. 

I needed her to know that.

I wait as she finally turns and stuns me when she runs back to me and jumps on me, wrapping her legs around my waist. “Harry, I love it. It’s amazing”, she whispers in my ear.

I set her down and she stands on her tippy toes as her lips meet mine in a short and sweet kiss. 

We have our picnic dinner and after, I pull a blanket out of the basket and set it out for us to sit on while we watch the city lights. 

For a few minutes we lay silent, her head on my chest and her legs tangled with mine, while I play with her hair. 

And then she breaks the silence. “Harry…?”

“Yes love?”

“Thank you.”

I hear her sniffle and I become a bit alarmed. 

“Ava, are you alright??”

She chuckles, “Yes, I’m fine. I just…. I’ve never had someone do things like this for me before. I’m so used to being the one who plans cute little things and tries and I’ve always been alone in that. No one ever appreciated what I did, or appreciated me enough to do this for me. So thank you. For everything.”

I smiled and looked down at her staring at the stars. 

God, she was stunning. 

In a not so evident way, but in the way you fall in love with someone for what they are beneath their looks. 

I loved her for the way she got scared easily, for the way she would furrow her brow when she was deep in her work, for the way she could manage to trip over a flat surface, and for the way that no matter how many times I kissed her, she would always blush and her eyes would twinkle. 

I’d turned into a right git thanks to this girl. An absolute sap, but I didn’t care one bit. 

I’d never been happier. 

“Harry, tell me something.”

This was the game she’d play when we hadn’t said anything in a while and she wanted to begin a conversation. Normally I’d say something stupid like “the sky” or “the ceiling.” But this was the perfect moment to catch her off guard.

“Tell you what Ava?”


“Okay… Hm….. Well, I must admit I’ve fallen in love with you and I’m not quite sure how to tell you.”

She sat up quickly and looked at me as her jaw dropped.

Oh shit. I thought. Maybe it’s too soon. Oh crap. I’ve scared her. I pulled myself from laying down into a sitting position.

She put her hands on my face and kissed my lips lightly, all of a sudden the biggest smile I’d ever seen spread across her face. “It was like you read my mind Harry. I love you too.”

I smiled. Oh thank God.

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