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I was glad that Finny and Rooty  had finally made up .

I exited my room and saw the two standing near the staircase .

" Are you happy , now?" inquired Finny .

I punched his shoulder playfully.

"Obviously " , I replied.

Rooty gave me a sudden hug...which was very unexpected.

" I love you!" he exclaimed . I hugged him back .

" Really? What did i do ?" I inquired .

" remember that, don't you ?"

Remember what ?   " What?" I inquired .

" You are nice comforted me when I was crying in the balcony" , Rooty replied .

I let go off him and smiled. Indeed, you can't hate Joe Root !

"Helllllppppp!!!!!! " someone yelled . I nearly jumped up in fright .  The voice seemed to be coming from Cooky' s room .

Finny , Rooty and I  ran to the chef's room. Soon his room was crowded with the whole lot of us .

Cooky was standing on his bed , shivering continously and pointing to the ground.  There was a giant python!

" Get it away!" yelled Cooky .

I took a few steps forward when Swanny stopped me.

He turned to Cooky .

" Well if you want to be safe , forgive me first " , he ordered .

I looked at Cooky' s face. It was literally blushing !

" Ok" , the scared Cooky replied. 

Jimmy , Rooty , Finny and I carried the heavy python to the garden . Clever Finny buried it in the ground.

I gave him a high five .

Then, I went to see Cooky .

He was standing outside his room , huffing and puffing.

" Is everything all right , now ?" I inquired .

" Yup..Broady , you know how scared I am of snakes ! " Cooky exclaimed .

I gave him a hug . " I know "

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