Everyone play spin the bottle! 

All: -sits down in circle-

Rapunzel: Erm, let's start? o-o

Merida: -spins bottle and it stops on Hiccup-

Elsa and Punzie: -starts fangirling- MERICUPPP! 

Jack: -starts laughing and pats Hiccup on the back-

Mericcup: Uh... Do we really have to-

Jelsa and Punzie: DO IT!

Mericcup: -kisses-

Punzie: -starts rocking back and forth- OTP, OTP- OTP!!

Elsa: XD Punzie calm your inner fangirl!

Jack: -spins bottle and it lands on Elsa-

Jelsa: -kisses-

           10 minutes later

Punzie: how dafuq are you guys still kissing?

Jelsa and Mericcup: -still kissing-

Punzie: ;~; -hugs pillow and starts eating chocolate-

Elsa: -stops kissing and tackles Punzie- THAT'S MY CHOCOLATE! GIMME GIMME GIMME!

Punzie: C-can't- breath-

Jack and Mericcup: -starts laughing-

Punzie: -still being strangled by Elsa- oh so now you stop? -.-

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