Chapter 1

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A/N hi so this story is completely different from the other one I'm writing and it's more mystery than thriller that doesn't mean it's boring. hope you like it.

I sat in the car as my family the Mathews drove away from their-our- house. The Mathews: Mr. Tomas Mathews works in the stalk market although he's not supper rich he's not poor either. Mrs. Jennifer fisher-Mathews a stay at home mom and wife of Mr. Mathews. Their daughter Miss. Ella Mathew my best friend.

The Mathews have been the closest thing to family I've had since my real parents or as I like to call them the assholes left me when I was eight. my best friend Ella's family swooped in and gained legal custody over me almost immediately since then I have been their daughter with a different last name. when I'm eighteen I plan on changing my last name to Mathews anyway. but for now I'm 13. Ella and I have been best friends since 1st grade and when her family adopted me we practically became as close as sisters. so now I guess you could add me: May adoptive daughter of the Mathews. I looked over at Ella her long golden blond hair cascaded down her shoulder she got that from her mum but her hazel eyes eyes are all her dads. I've been with the Mathews so long I even call Mr. and Mrs. Mathews mom and dad. So our dad has brown hair doted here and there with wight and hazel eyes. while our mum has blond hair and light blue eyes. I have brown hair and light blue eyes. although I look nothing like Ella the fact that I have the same traits as her parents makes people think we're related and I never bother to correct them.

"Are you ok?" I ask Ella.

"Yeah," she smiles at me reassuringly. the reason we were all driving off was because our dad's mom in other words our grandma had just died of a stroke of some kind and we had to go deal with all the legal stuff of it. our grandma was a slightly ill-and by ill I mean mentally ill- old woman. She lived in Rochester New York, while we lived in Vermont. Even though the old crow had welcomed me with open arms and accepted me as a granddaughter there was always something a little off about her both me and Ella felt it and it was more than just her illness that's why I was not terribly sad when she died don't get me wrong I felt like I had been stabbed in the heart but I'm sure it could have been worse. However I keep asking Ella if she's ok because it was in truth her grandmother that died not mine I feel like maybe she took the news harder. The worst was our dad he broke down crying when he heard his mother was dead.

After eight very long very tiering hours of driving we turned into a driveway so long that you couldn't see the house from this side. Eventually we reached the house and two people rushed out to great us. the first was a woman who looked about 48 with short black hair the next was a girl about 16 with long black slightly curly hair.

"Ello," the older said with an accent that I couldn't place, "I'm Mrs. Roberts and this is my daugter Samantha, we vorked for Mrs. Mathews May she wreste in pieze." Again with the accent where is she from. "Iz take it yov be her family."

"Yes I'm her son Tomas Mathews" my dad spoke up, "this is my wife Jennifer and these are our daughters Ella and May." I felt a small amount of pride every time he introduced me as his daughter even if it was nothing new.

"Okayee Iz will show yov to yovz room andz Samantha can show the girls to theirs."

With that The younger of the two I take it her name was Samantha began to walk in motioning for us to follow her. she led us through a series of hallways before stopping in front of a door so abruptly Ella and I nearly ran into her.

"Ok guys here are your rooms they are separate but there is a door that connects them in the middle. if you need any thing the phones by your bed will be able to call me or my mum 1 will call her 2 will call me."

"Ok thanks," Ella said then her face lit up and she got a sparkle in her eye. After being friends with Ella this long I take that sparkle as a tell tale sign that she had an idea but that was not always a good thing, acutely more often than not it led to major trouble for both of us.

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