“Can I get you anything?’ Asked the waitress, her face was flushed as if she was going to be sacked for low service.

“I’ll have a latte, thanks” I replied

It was a usual day at Morei Bistro. I was in my usual place doing the usual thing, staring off into space with a latte thinking about my videos.

“3 million subscribers” I said to myself. Halfway through that thought, it was interrupted by the bistros door swinging wide open then slamming making the room shake. A girl, with tear-filled eyes and cheeks as red as tomatos ran through the door and took a seat in the middle of the room. Her crying was unusually quiet for the amount. Something serious must have happened for anyone to be that upset. I felt sorry for her.

I was battling myself to whether I should do something. Suddenly, I felt myself walking over to her. A billion thoughts went through my mind. What should I say? Is she a fan? What if she doesn’t like Dan and Phil? What would I do? I ended up spitting out 3 words.

“Are you ok?” I asked

“No!” She answered, the tears kept rolling down her face on to her brightly coloured dress.

“Um… It’s ok?” I said trying to be helpful.

“No, It’s not” she said in a calmer tone.

“Can I sit here?” I asked thinking that if she was a fan, she might feel better.

“Sure, what have I got to lose?”

That was a bit offensive, but I took the chance.

“Hi, I’m Dan, from Danisnotonfire.”

“Who?” She questioned.

“Never mind, just call me Dan, and your name is?”

She pulled back her blonde hair to reveal her beautiful deep blue eyes, welled with tears. She looked into my eyes, and held out her hand.

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