Kate's pov

"N-Night?" I stuttered. I can see his face turning pale.

I can feel my body returning back to normal

In a few seconds, my long sharp nails retracted, sharp teeth shrinking back to normal canines, and my eyes turning back to deep blue.

I stared at his deep blue ones.

"Night, please let me explain. I-" But before I could even finish my statement, numerous number of vampires appeared on the doorway. Their eyes are red and their teeths are sharp as needle. I growled. I dont know, but I can feel all my energy leaving my body, not even leaving the tiniest sliver. I can't fight them all.

Night's face suddenly became alert and sauntered towards me. He grabbed my hand and we stormed off the room. I can't make out his face. He is totally expressionless. I can't tell if he's mad or sad.

We are practically running away, though we all know that vampires are the fastest supernatural being. If I kept on being weak, Night will get hurt.

Somehow, because of that, I found myself shifting while running ahead of Night.

I wonder where his men are. they should be already here by now.

When I have finally shifted to my fully wolf form, I stopped and Night swung himself at my back then I run at my fastest pace.

I ran outside the palace and headed at the deepest woods. I slowed down and Night jumped off. His  expression hasn't changed a bit. But I kmew that he's feeling something. I just don't know that yet.

I am sitting infront of him. My front legs are infront of me, while my back legs are folded. My tail circling half of my body. My soft creamy fur glistening at the moonlight. I forgot its fullmoon.

His face is down. Hidden behind the shadows.  His hands are limp beside him. I wanted to shift back to normal. But I refused. No I wont. I want to show him the Real Me.

Suddenly, his hand, the one gripping the gun raised..pointing at ME. I knew it.

I bowed my head and waited for my death. Caitlyn is crying and howling. She is hurting. Even I.

Suddenly, he raised his face. They are streaming with tears. His hands are shaking as he pointed the gun at me.

My eyes are watery, then I blinked. Tears fell on the ground. I never cried as a wolf before.

"How could you do this Kate?" his voice suddenly came. Bold and sad.

I cant respond.

I dont want to.

"Since the first, I-I have fallen inlove with you."

My body is growing weak. I cant control myself anymore. Without warning, my whole body returned back to normal,leaving me totally naked infront of him. But I didnt care. He didnt care.

"All those possesiveness I feel for you. Your closeness to me. It makes me want to keep you forever."

"Night, I'm sorry" my voice was tiny as soon as it left my mouth.

Then suddenly his eyes met mine.


"But you are also the person I loved the most" He whispered softly.

"Night-" I wanted to comfort him. I wanted to make him understand that I'm not like the others.

Before I could even take a step towards him, he pointed his gun to me again.

"Go" He said. His voice strained.

"No" I replied sternly.

"GO NOW KATE!" Then he pointed the gun at the sky and pulled the trigger..producing a loud booming sound.

Reluctantly, I turned around and jumped so high and landed on the ground in my wolf form.

"And dont ever show up anymore Kate"

after that, I ran away...tears streaming down my eyes with Caitlyn, howling and crying for our mate...my Werewolf hunter mate has just recently rejected us.

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