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i swiftly leap out of bed landing softly and reaching under the bed for my suitcase, i lift open the suitcase grab a rope and walk to the window.slipping the bag onto my back i begin to tie a knot around the window frame, i pull on the rope and it seems sturdy enough to hold my weight.i climb onto the window sill looking at the long drop that awaits me, i let the rope go and it falls down for quite a while which didn't seem to help me mentally. i hear scowners menacing crew clearing through the rooms searching for me, slowly but surely narrowing down on me. scowner is a creul person who always wears a purple jacket which is so dirty it actually looks grey. he used to work for the secret services until he was left by one of his comrades and that turned him into the man he is today: fearless, scary and most of all hes hated by everyone. i grab onto the rope with my sweaty hands and started absailing down the building, it was slow work but i was about 5 stories from the bottom and i was edging closer every minute. i go on for a bit longer and it looks like i'm about 3 stories from the bottom and i start to feel really happy because i think i've beater scowner when i look up, i see scowner's gold tooth glinting in his mouth while he grins down at me with his hatefull eyes.he shows me a knife and i feels a sinking feeling be because i'm still 2 stories from the bottom, i look up again and he tortures me with his look.He starts cutting though the rope and i start absailing faster than ever when he shouts down "whats wrong nick, scared?" i fell a lurch as i fall to the ground.

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